Baja Mexico and Ensenada are well known areas and it’s easy to get maps of the area.  But we wanted to provide some here for convenience. These you’ll find below.

You can read more about travel arrangements to start to piece together your trip.  If you want we’re happy to advise the best way to construct your trip. Just let us know.

You’ll want to come prepared for somewhere that can get pretty warm durring the day and cool at night. Check out the packing list for some suggestions on what to bring to keep you comfortable during your Ibogaine treatment. We’ve tried to include the most relevant, essential items to you.  Remember, this is not a complete list-make sure to fill in according to your personal needs.

1. First, fly or drive in to San Diego.

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2. We’ll pick you up there, and bring you down.


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  1. I’ve been to this area a few times. I love riding the beat up horses on the beach and the best food in the world. There is nothing like BAJA. I’d move here if my wife says okay. I will ask her after treatment.

  2. Joetta Warnick says:

    I want to come i need pricing please?

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