So, who are we and what are we about?

Well, first off we are Mark and Haley. A husband and wife team who is with you during the entire time you’re at the Sunrise Center. We’re seekers by nature, laid back, adventurous and enjoy being around people. Another part of our team is a doctor who will supervise the treatment and address any other medical needs during your stay.

We came to working with these alternative medicines after we used them personally. First we experienced Iboga, then Ayahuasca and then Kambo.

After using these treatments we noticed an immediate sense of relief from addiction, disruptive habit structures, mind chatter, self destructive tendencies, depression and a deepened experience in the world. This all served as a catalyst to learn more and do some deep study about the medicine.

Through much study and further use of these plants, we came to realize that working with plant medicines is our calling. We came to understand that we our purpose is to spread the knowledge of these powerful tools for self development and addiction cessation.

We’ve been working with these medicines for multiple years now and have a good base of experience. We’ve studied with Indigenous Amazonian and Western masters in the field of addiction treatment with Ibogaine, Kambo and Ayahuasca.

Over time, we’ve refined the experience that you have as a guest. When you arrive you can expect to be treated as an old friend. We do the entire treatment at our house, which has a incredible view of the river valley and ocean. Different from other centers, we intentionally steer away from the sterile, clinical type of environment. We work on ourselves constantly to enhance our own experience, but also to enhance yours.

The space we aim to create is one of highest health, compassion, safety and grounding. This helps you to feel you’re in a loving environment and have room to shed and grow as needed. By being in a comfortable setting where highest-self living is the primary focus, you have space to relax, recharge and enjoy.

The Sunrise Center‘s job is to administer Kambo, Ibogaine and Iboga in a safe, beneficial way and to hold space for you during your stay. We will support you and encourage you to thrive. We’re committed to ensuring effective and beneficial results during your time with us.

Expect a chill, grounding and fun environment. We love music, cooking great food, laughing and spending time doing adventurous and fun stuff.

Before traveling to The Sunrise Center read about the preparations we recommend. Also, there’s a few important contra-indications to note. Make sure you read about these. If you have any questions about the details, please be sure to contact us right away.

Call:  503-345-5885



4 Comments on About Sunrise

  1. Nathan Mikkelson says:

    hi this is Nathan could you please send me the registration and banking information and ill be sure to get it in there today. Also checked fights and there is a lot available , just wondering what arrival time is best morning afternoon eve ??? ok look forward to your message and booking this. Also I’m thinking of staying for ten day s so if you could tell the name of the town so i can look up some accommodations for afterwards that would be close to the centre so that i can help out , but also a really great relaxing chill spot that i can digest the experience? Or if you have any places you’d recommend that would be great.. look forward to moving forward.

  2. Linda says:

    My son is in need of treatment. We live in San Diego so this is good! Of course cost is important but the place of treatment is the most important for us. 6 year IV heroin user and now the pharm from all the addiction centers. Benzos, subs, celexa and serequil. So sad. 32 yr old. How soon could he come? How many do you treat at one time? How long is your program? Thanks, Linda

  3. Victor a. Giron says:

    I have been an addict for over 40 years. The old adage “i am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I am a U>S> Army Veteran. I have also been going through years of attempting to get VA benefits pension and compensation. I have one appointment on Dec. 23,2014 to determine the status that the VA appoints to me. I am an Honorable discharged veteran, I also have Medicare and Medicaid. This may or may not have any bearing on being able to afford the promising treatment of ibogaine treatment. I live from day to day with finances.

  4. Bobby boswell says:

    Hi I havnt spoke with my friend yet I imagine he’s in bed he’s got a new born and 2 step kids that got school anyhow lemme kno wut I need to do and hopefully I’ll kno more by him tomorrow. Also do we do this all consecutively and hav a couple days of recovery time I couldn’t remember if u said we did the ayahuasca right after the ibogaine. One last thing is I was curious if you’ve treated anyone on a high dose of benzos like myself and how the ayahuasca affected them opposed to Somone who isn’t having to take them from being addicted so long. Not that the drs really helped other than to push more meds on me. Seems that’s all they do these days. Who wants a cure wen thers money to b made right. Hava good night am thanks a bunch

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