Addicted to Ibogaine?

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Is it possible to get addicted to Ibogaine?

Nope. Not possible, think again.

While this is an understandable and common question, the answer is that it’s just not possible to become addicted to ibogaine. In addition to it’s addiction cessation properties, it has zero addictive properties itself. You in no way will crave ibogaine. That’s why it has been used a therapy for those who are drug and substance addicts.

This is important to know. It’s important to understand that you, or your loved one who’s looking into ibogaine isn’t going to just have an addiction flip flop.

While ibogaine can be beautiful, loving and profound, it’s not especially fun. It’s taxing, long and full of truth. While these things are a big part of stopping the current addiction, they’re also part of what keeps it from being addictive itself.

It’s rare that people would ever take ibogaine therapy a second time. It’s simply just not recreational.

You might read some stories of people who had an amazing time and loved it, but that’s not super common. And, even for those people it’s still not addictive. Ibogaine treatment does some amazing things, seemingly super easy or without effort. Some people think that it’s a silver bullet and in a way it is. It stops addiction in it’s tracks. You will have no cravings and no withdrawals right away.

The act of doing this though does require some participation and effort from those who underwent ibogaine treatment program. It’s difficult to undergo, you’ll have to face yourself once you’re deep into the experience and you will need to set yourself up for long term success.

Yet, after all of this you’ll  be addiction free and have an experience of life that is better than ever.

This is for real.

Ibogaine works and you only have to take it once. It will leave you with more energy, inspiration and purpose than ever before! It will lead you to a lifeof  holistic recovery and wellness.

Give yourself this gift. You’ll be amazed at all the effects of this life giving plant.


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