After Ibogaine Treatment

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What about after Ibogaine Treatment?

Below you will find an email that I recently sent out to a guest. He and his family were serious about his long term recovery success from drug addiction and substance intoxication. They all knew that ibogaine treatment program was going to get him off drugs, but that he’d have to make changes when he got home to stay that way.

Here’s the recommendations I gave to him and would give to you:

Hello my friend,

We’ve already talked a lot about all this, but I wanted to send over a more formal email listing the things you and I have discussed about re-integrating home and creating positive hobbies and habits.

Typically after someone does an ibogaine treatment program they don’t sleep 8 hours a night for a while. It make take a few weeks before you get back to that place. This is normal and you will feel rested. I like to encourage people to use this extra time for wellness and rejuvenation activities. Like yoga, meditation, going to the gym, etc.

Here I have listed some of the things we’ve talked about and a few we haven’t. All are highly beneficial and therapeutic and I considered them as great options to get into. If nothing else, it’s a way to start thinking creatively about the things that will work best for you.

Go to this website and look at the activities in your area and see if there’s something that sounds fun. It’s a great way to meet new people and have fun as well. You can join groups that have nothing to do with addiction, or ones that do. There’s such a wide variety of options.


Vinyasa Flow or Power yoga are my recommendations as part of your ibogaine treatment and recovery program, in order of preference.

Cooking classes

Any kind. Sometimes stores like Sur la Table have classes you can sign up for. Getting your nutrition handled will keep your body balanced so you can be as healthy as you possibly can.


Any kind, but especially “mindfulness” focused.

Family meals

Spending time eating together can be a very powerful way to reconnect. Maybe you could help to make the meal and then invite your family over and all eat together.

Learn to play an instrument

Maybe the guitar, hand drums, native american flute.


Any kind. Important thing is that you relate to the method, or it won’t help.

Join a gym that has a sauna and hot tub

A gym is a great place to be around lots of people that are taking care of themselves. Saunas and hot tubs are therapeutic ways to relax, recharge and do little mini detoxes (especially saunas).

No drugs, no alcohol for minimum a month

Obviously no drugs, but not even one beer. This can in an instant dull the effects of Ibogaine. It’s immediate and irreversible. You wouldn’t go into withdrawal eefects, or anything like that, but the “glow” of Ibogaine therapy will be gone.

Make art

I suggest to take some sort or creative class like drawing, glass blowing or metal-smiting.

A key thing over the next week is for you to not be alone too much. You’re free from drugs and substance addiction, but until you have some new habits to fill your life in you might find yourself bored and that’s not a good state to be in when you’re newly off drugs and other kinds of substances.

Reach out to people and keep yourself busy. Say “yes” a lot to invitations to do things and classes to take. You want to spend this time really setting up a new life for yourself. Make the most of it! So stay busy, keep active.

Be well,




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