The Benefits that Ibogaine Offers In Drug Addiction Recovery

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Ibogaine- What Is It?

Tabernanthe Iboga is a West African shrub that has been used for centuries in ceremonial rites of passage as well as for medicine. The bark of the root contains an active alkaloid called ibogaine. The benefits that this natural ingredient offers were unknown until the late 1960s. During the 1960s researchers were looking at natural substances to help treat drug addiction. One of the substances they studied was ibogaine. Since then, studies have shown that this alkaloid can help those suffering from a variety of drug addictions, including cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, methadone, alcohol and nicotine, recover from their addiction and begin living their lives drug-free.

How Does It Work?

Ibogaine helps relieve the symptoms of an opiate dependency by resetting the receptors in the brain. This is quite unique as there are no other known substances that offer this benefit. Once the opiate receptors have been reset, the patient will no longer need Ibogaine. It functions similarly to other treatment methods that block receptors in the brain and flush drugs from the receptors. Ibogaine is considered a non-addictive substance which is beneficial. Suboxone and methadone are addictive and can lead to a different chemical dependency. Ibogaine cleanses all traces of the drugs from the body and resets the neuron chemistry in the brain. Furthermore, the memory of the drug dependency is removed from both the body and the mind.

Ibogaine addresses can the cravings of the dependency. Within a few days, these cravings should pass as the ibogaine works to restore dopamine, adrenaline, endorphin and serotonin levels in the brain and rebalance the brain’s chemistry. When these levels are reverted to a pre-addicted level, the detoxification will be easier than trying to quit cold turkey. After the patient stops using ibogaine, the neurotransmitters will continue to rebalance for weeks or even months later.

Those who are addicted to pharmaceutical drugs tend to have more difficulty overcoming their addictions. This is because the medications create a physical, emotional and mental dependency. In order to recover from this type of drug addiction, the patient must physically, emotionally and mentally recover from their addiction. Ibogaine, when coupled with a healthy lifestyle, can help the patient overcome a pharmaceutical drug addiction and begin living their lives free of pharmaceutical drugs.

Many patients develop a sexual addiction due to their drug addictions. When people first begin experimenting with drugs, they often have sexual insecurities. One of the effects of drugs is that the drug user does not have any inhibitions. This can lead to a number of sexual addictions that must be addressed as part of the healing process. The patient must forgive themselves and others as well as asking for forgiveness from their loved ones due to their sexual escapades that have occurred during their addiction. It is quite common to trade sex for drugs and this can lead to feelings of shame that only seem to feed the drug addiction as they use it to escape.

After ibogaine is consumed, it is converted into nor-ibogaine in the liver. The liver is where fat cells are stored in the body. Ibogaine reduces cravings and even take away the thoughts of using the drugs. It has been documented that ibogaine helps to correct negative thought patterns and establish a sense of well-being in patients detoxing from a drug addiction.

The Awakened Dream State

Ibogaine helps individuals overcome critical thoughts and unhealthy behavior patterns that led to their addictions in the first place. Within a few hours of administration, the unconscious and conscious mind merge, creating an awakened dream state. During this time, the patient may remember past events that have occurred that the conscious mind may not even be aware of. This can help the patient understand and deal with traumatic events that have led to the addiction. It would take years of psychiatric therapy to accomplish what ibogaine can do in a matter of hours. How the patient experiences this awakened dream state will depend on their current health condition and mental state. Not all patients will experience clear messages or remember a traumatic experience. However, ibogaine still resets and rebalances the body and the mind.

The Introspective Phase

Once the patient gets through the initial awakened dream state, there is a period of introspection. During this phase, the patient can experience a range of emotions as they process the information that was revealed. This phase can last anywhere from 24 to 36 hours. This also gives the patient time to recuperate physically as the medication can take its toll on the body. Many patients feel so depleted that they remain in bed. Certain patients can become overwhelmed emotionally by what is revealed to them during the awakened dream state that they become depressed. Ibogaine is most beneficial when the patient allows themselves to experience all of the emotions and feelings they are having no matter what it looks like as this is part of the healing process.

The thoughts and emotions a patient will experience during the awakened dream and introspection stages need to be released from the body and the psyche. This can be uncomfortable to the patient; however, it is an essential part of the healing process. Many people need someone to talk to through this process. Our team of experts will be there for the patient each step of the way. We encourage the patient to discuss everything freely with us and assure the patient that there will be no shame or judgment as they uncover past traumas and any insights they have during the session. We understand that this will be a new experience and we want to fully support them without interfering with the process. You will be supported and feel safe with our team of dedicated professionals.

Learning How to Live

After this, there is a period of time (between 12 and 24 days) where the patient will practice the art of living. During this time, they will learn why the acted unconsciously a certain way and change this into a conscious lifestyle. The patient will go from living in desperation and addiction to living fully and having compassion for themselves.

The Spirit of Iboga

For thousands of years, people have used plants to heal the body, soul and mind. Some of these plants, like Iboga, were used for sacred ceremonial rites of passage. These herbs offer numerous spiritual aspects that should fully be embraced. Furthermore, as scientists began investigating these natural remedies, they have found that they offer many benefits to humankind.

We have personally witnessed how Iboga heals the body and mind. It seems to understand how much information a person can handle at one time. The Iboga can treat one patient gently and make another patient face issues that have caused their addiction. The amount of pressure and information the patient must face at one time will depend on their body and their personality. Researchers are not sure how Iboga determines the amount of information that can be processed by the individual.

Everyone must be able to fully see themselves. This includes the good and bad things that have happened in their lives. When you empower yourself to take responsibility for your actions and decide to get past these traumatic events, you can live in freedom. You will no longer need to depend on drug usage to help you deal with these issues. You can forgive yourself and other and begin living a fuller, happier life free from drugs.


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