But I don’t have an addiction, is ibogaine still for me?

Ibogaine isn’t just for drug addiction treatment.

We’ve seen people work through amazing things with iboga.

Ibogaine therapy helps with so many things in addition to addiction. It’s one of the super amazing qualities of it.

In fact, one of my very best friends was a guest of ours a while ago and the primary thing she was working on was depression. You can see her testimonial on the site, her name’s Sydney. She’ll tell you how effective ibogaine therapy was for her.

She was in a bad state before she came. Self harming, flooded with emotions, considering suicide, crying constantly and not able to get her head above water long enough to make sense of anything. To say the least she was deeply depressed.

After taking ibogaine Syd is like a new person. Her detox was effective. She knows her purpose, is able to be in her skin, has a flourishing life all around, has a renewed love and connection for her partner, is standing in her power and best of all: she can ride the natural ups and downs of the human experience. It’s a beautiful thing. I’m so honored to know her and be a part of her journey.

Ibogaine therapy can help.

I know some of the stuff you read is hard to believe. I can’t say for sure all of it is true because ya know, it’s the internet. But I can say this, I have seen ibogaine really change peoples lives overnight many many times. I’ve seen it work miracles.

So many people have come through our ibogaine treatment program and visited our clinic, and the people who don’t have a dependence do great. Because ibogaine can just go straight in and help in whatever way the person needs. It doesn’t have to combat the substances before going in and working on the person.

The effects of Ibogaine are a life changer. Keep reading, keep learning. It’s there for you when you’re ready.


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