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We want you to know how safe and effective our ibogaine Mexico detox clinic is.  The combination of the african root effect with the other kinds of therapy we do and you being in Baja creates the optimum healing environment. It’s truly the best place to spend your iboga rehab therapy.

With our well-trained ibogaine treatment staff, we assure you that the rehab therapy program will be effective and life changing.

Browse our “Testimonial section” to hear our guest’s accounts of their positive ibogaine effects and reviews from our previous patients who enrolled in our ibogaine Mexico treatment and rehab program.

If  you are looking for the exact location of our ibogaine Mexico treatment clinic, you can visit “Our Location” and “Travel Arrangements” page for complete details.

If you’re ready to try ibogaine Mexico, Baja is a perfect backdrop for your experience.

How to get in touch

There’s a variety of ways that you can communicate with The Sunrise drug addiction facility. Probably the easiest way is to simply give a call. Here’s our number: 1-888-66-IBOGA. You can also email us directly to learn more and ask questions: You could also leave a comment on this website by scrolling down to the bottom of any page. If you write something there we’ll see it and get back to you asap.

Remember Ibogaine in Mexico or anywhere around the world offers substance recovery. This global movement is a dream come true. The centers (including us) who provide this treatment are doing so to facilitate awakening from drug addiction. We offer a way out. This therapeutic approach will solve your problem for good and keep this from continuing to plague your life.

What are you waiting for? You know all the corny phrases:

The time is now.
Carpe Diem.
Live for the day.
Take no thought of the morrow.
Just do it.
Stop wasting your life.

Pick whichever one you like, just make it happen and get it touch!

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Beautiful food

Nutrition is at the Core of Deep Restoration. You’ll be treated to Beautiful Meals (and plenty of snacks) when you work with us.

Deep Healing

You’ll do multiple different kinds of Treatments during your time with us. We plan your Massage(s) for mid-week.


There’s all kind of Fun stuff to do in Baja California. Brings your Shades, shorts, and Hiking boots.


That’s what your really want, right? You’ll get that here. Ibogaine is incredibly effective, and can really help…


The Sunrise Center