Does ibogaine work to clarify your goals?

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Absolutely it does. But, how does ibogaine work to clarify your goals?

It’s actually pretty simple.

During ibogaine treatment and the weeks after visiting a iboga detox, things are so clear. You will be past your addiction of heroin, to an opiate and other substance or drug. You know your own mind, aspirations, strengths and weaknesses. The therapy works, and addiction is gone for good.

Ibogaine treatment is what we call a “benevolent mirror.” In a loving way, it shows us what’s real and what’s true about ourselves.

From this place, this deep sense of knowing, we can get very real about what it is we want and where we need to improve from your detox.

I encourage you to use the time after ibogaine to write a lot. Get your experience out on paper. Record your thoughts. Reflect a lot. What do you want in life? Where do things need to be reinvented?

Share with people how ibogaine works and that it really is a cure. Tell them about the clinics or centers you looked into and why you chose the one you chose. Share with them that their addictions to drugs and any substance will be gone like yours is. All they have to do is go for addiction treatment at one of the many clinics.

Share that it’s effective for any opiate and all addictions. Tell them that this kind of therapy, this kind of treatment works. Some places are more medical, while other treatment centers are more holistic, either way will work. Remember, alot of people are asking themselves, does ibogaine work. Help them answer that question.

This is part of the experience and will help you to clarify your goals. Share with people and also do this writing.

Once you get everything out look back through your make a star around anything that stirs up a lot of emotion. Once that’s completed, look back at the places you “stared” and see if there’s a goal you can create out of the idea.

A few pointers for powerful goals:

  • write them down
  • they need to be positive affirmations
  • limit your list to 10
  • write them in a journal everyday when you wake up
  • write them in the present, as though they already are true
  • stay open to the possibility even the challenging ones can become reality
  • revise the list when a goal is accomplished and write a new one
  • visualize yourself doing each goal

Here’s a few examples:

  • Written in the present:
    • I go to yoga 5 times a week (instead of: I will go to yoga 5 times a week)
  • Is a positive affirmation:
    • I have uplifting communication with my boyfriend at all times (instead of: I don’t argue with my boyfriend)

Do this process, then you answer the question in your own works in the comments below:

“Does ibogaine work to clarify your goals?”



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