Gallery of The Sunrise Center in Baja Mexico

Guest and Retreat Center Photos

Below is a list of photos at the Sunrise Center in Northern Baja, Mexico. Your iboga therapy retreat will take place around this amazing place where we live. It’s a stunningly beautiful, peaceful place where the natural environment thrives. This enchanting area has super clean energy, has an incredibly safe vibe with friendly people which helps makes this an amazing clinic to visit. We’ve intentionally chosen this location as the ideal spot for you to have your therapeutic experience with Ibogaine or Iboga.

Let us know if you have any questions about the clinic accommodations.

Iboga is the plant Ibogaine is derived from.

You can read more about the plant, the derivative and the different alkaloids in our blog. Also, you’ll find other useful information about iboga treatment programs, the root’s effectiveness, tips on lifestyle, ideas on how to do a food detox, what to eat, how to nourish your body, and how to accelerate you becoming the next version of yourself. Basically, we write about how to achieve total recovery and optimum wellness.

It may seem a long way off right now, but you can be the vibrant and inspired person you want to be. Get in touch and ask us about our story. The clinic offers three or four therapies during your retreat. We use them ourselves and I can tell you they’ve  changed our lives and world forever. We will never go back to being the way we were, which was declining seemingly daily. Now if feels like we get clearer, more lively and healthier daily. It’s quite the turn around.

Iboga / Ibogaine is powerful and effective, and is going to help you. You just have to make the decision to come give it a try. Browse our site for testimonials and reviews from our previous Iboga clients and let us know if you have any questions.


It may not be obvious to you why we make such a big deal about the centers activities. What does having fun have to do with taking the African root bark? Seemingly, there’s not a connection. Except that there is.

The effects of Tabernanthe iboga are increased greatly when you learn to live again. It takes time to rejuvinate and to fully come back to yourself after you’ve been on heroin and other drugs for so long. You can’t buy your way into feeling whole, but you can cultivate it. And you do this with activities and restructuring your life after ibogaine treatment.

This spiritual awakening you will go through is profound and you want to get the most out of it. You want to make sure this addiction is gone for good and that no drug ever has power over you again. This is why we make it a central focus of our retreats to take you and and show you that you can have a good time without substances. Without you being altered in some way. Just being yourself. This visionary shrub teaches you how to live and you have to practice that once you come back into your body.

This practice will happen primarily while you’re at home, although we do our best to give you a head start. We’re on the west coast of Baja, so there’s a lot of activities that surround the Pacific Ocean, which we make the most of. The ocean is in itself a very cleansing and healing force, so we like to immerse you in experiences that allow you to benefit from this. Spending time in nature, learning to cook and generally caring for yourself are all ways that you become more whole. They are the foundations of you becoming a strong self sufficient whole being. The last few days of your ibogaine retreat are dedicated to set you off on a healthy path as you head home.

We keep good track of past guests and how they respond to ibogaine and our records indicate that people who are willing and determined to do whatever it takes will succeed. People who are ready to change their life will see how important the restructuring of habits is and will take these lessons back home with them. They will use them and model their lives at home after the days at the clinic. We do everything we can to help guide what an ideal day can look like, so the model can be complete and something that can be put in place when people arrive home.


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Beautiful food

Nutrition is at the Core of Deep Restoration. You’ll be treated to Beautiful Meals (and plenty of snacks) when you work with us.

Deep Healing

You’ll do multiple different kinds of Treatments during your time with us. We plan your Massage(s) for mid-week.


There’s all kind of Fun stuff to do in Baja California. Brings your Shades, shorts, and Hiking boots.


That’s what your really want, right? You’ll get that here. Ibogaine is incredibly effective, and can really help…


The Sunrise Center