Have you thought about what happens after your Ibogaine Treatment?

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What happens after your ibogaine treatment, have you thought about it?

You probably have in some capacity.

But you may be focusing on the wrong thing.

Here’s the main consideration…

What’s my plan for when I return home after my ibogaine treatment?

You see, after your ibogaine treatment program from the iboga clinic, things are going to be raw. Really raw. If you don’t know what you’re going to replace substance with, keep thinking about it until you do.

Once you know the answer to the question, then you’re ready.

To have a successful holistic iboga treatment program, this is the main question you need to answer. If you don’t have this figured out, you will start using again. Period.

That’s why you have to make sure that you choose an activity that helps you grow as a new person. Actually, most ibogaine treatment providers can offer you suggestions on how to restart your life after rehab therapy.  Based on the experiences of individuals who have gone through ibogaine treatment and been successful long term I know they would say that to have full recovery from drug addiction you must think of your overall wellness. It’s not enough to get rid of the substance withdrawals.

Here’s a few ideas to follow:

  • Sign up with a holistic health coach.
  • Seek spiritual guidance.
  • Dream and travel more.
  • Avoid any negative interruption and companions.
  • Avoid alcohol and other toxic substances.
  • Changing groups of friends.
  • Moving to a different town.
  • Start a practice such as yoga, martial arts, chi gong.
  • Be in nature everyday.
  • Immerse yourself in study on your favorite topics.
  • See a nutritionist.
  • Seek some form of therapeutic activities.
  • Detox yourself through healthy eating.
  • Call your family members and ask for help.
  • Make music.
  • Train for an athletic event like a triathlon or marathon.
  • Make art.
  • Train in a healing art such as Reiki, Massage or Pilates.
  • Rekindle lost relationships that support you positively.
  • Visit a treatment clinic for followup retreat.

Ask for help.

Success hinges on support.

And you must have good support. So what is good support?

Well, good support is when someone who is being supported themselves is supporting you. Why? Well, someone who is being supported by someone else is stronger and more able to support you more. My teachers have taught me to only receive support from those who are being supported and I follow this rule strictly. It makes absolute sense to me.

Another key obvious point is that the person or people you get support from MUST have your best interests at heart. They can’t have their own motives, or think they know best. They are there to give you strength and courage to do the things that you’ve learned you need to do to keep yourself healthy and grounded. They aren’t there to dictate to you what’s going to happen next…that’s up to you to learn and fulfill.

Aftercare and re-integration back into your life are important and take a lot of thought and preparation.

Ask yourself this question:

What’s my plan for when I return home after my ibogaine treatment?

Think about it starting now. Even though you might not know the perfect answer, start thinking about it. Let your mind work on the though while you sleep and when you’re walking around in your day.

Someone else’s opinion

Pamela Bullock is a writer who discuss a variety of topics that are centered around building a strong family bond. She took on the topic of Ibogaine treatment aftercare and this is some of what she had to say:

It helps get people back to normalcy. Aftercare helps people transition to a more normal life. Life as an addict is not normal. Life at the ibogaine treatment center is not normal. Getting back to a normal life in which recovery is a priority is hard. It would be easier to go back to addiction and to the use of drugs or alcohol. That may not be what people want to hear but it takes real work to start a normal life. Aftercare programs and having a relapse prevention plan will help people transition to a normal life without the use of alcohol and drugs. It can be done, it just takes some effort.

It helps people make decisions. Aftercare can help people with their decision making process. Many people struggle with making the right decisions, even when there is no drug or alcohol use in the picture. Making decisions, especially in the early phases of recovery from drugs or alcohol can be a real challenge for a lot of people. This is another reason having a good aftercare plan or program can make a big difference. It can also help people become more aware of the decisions they are making. Often, when people want to lose weight, they keep a food diary so that they can really see how much they eat every day. An aftercare program for someone recovering from drugs or alcohol can be a lot like that food diary. It gives them the chance to examine and evaluate their choices and options.

Triggers can cause problems, aftercare can help with that. Everyone who becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol has certain triggers. After a person has completed their ibogaine drug treatment, they still will encounter triggers. Aftercare programs and plans can help them identify their triggers and have a plan to deal with them when they are encountered. The act of working out what a person’s triggers are is incredibly important to the prevention of a relapse. In fact it is one of the most critical because unless a person can identify a trigger, they are left at its mercy. One key thing to remember is that everyone’s triggers are totally unique. See more of the article here…

Aftercare is important. It almost doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you are proactive in ensuring that you set yourself up well for a healthful future. Some of my best recommendations are above, but I’m happy to give you personal suggestions based on what is important to you. Leave a comment below and we can explore ideas together.

Be well!


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