Iboga? Ibogaine? Which is it?

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I hear Iboga and Ibogaine used a lot, sometime interchangeably. Which is it?

Are they the same? What are the differences?

They are somewhat interchangeable, somewhat the same and somewhat different.

Ibogaine comes from Iboga and Iboga is a bush.

It’s a bush that grows primarily in Gabon in west Africa. This plant is considered a sacrament to the Bwiti people. They use the root bark of the plant in their traditional ceremonies.

While the raw plant has addiction cessation properties as well, it’s not commonly used for ibogaine treatment. This is because it’s difficult on your stomach. You have to take a lot of the bark, actual wood shards, if you were to do so. So, most people prefer ibogaine, which is the isolated alkaloid that has the greatest effect on stopping addiction.

Some people, like me, say “I want to do have my treatment be as authentic as possible. I want to take Iboga, not ibogaine and I want to take it without an anti-nausea medication.” Well, if it goes like it went for me you’re going to have your stomach turn inside out.

You won’t always have a choice about which one you take, as the industry standard is to use ibogaine. Regardless, I still extend a caution to you…I strongly recommend you go for ibogaine if you are given the choice. The rootbark so hard on your stomach and is a lot harder than taking the derived alkaloid.

Ibogaine is easier and has a better result.

You will get all of the desired affects of addiction cessation, inspiration, purpose and a brighter outlook with ibogaine easier. I can’t say it enough, the wood will mess your stomach up! Way more that you’ve ever experienced, this is no joke.

You may read some about people being given micro-doses of Iboga and this is great. I’m refering to specifically taking a full dose of iboga instead of a full dose of ibogaine.

As a side note, I want to mention that iboga is always iboga, but ibogaine is not always from iboga. This is the plant that it’s primarily taken from and has high quantanties of ibogaine. There is other plant life that contain it though.

The Voacanga africana tree is another place ibogaine is derived. I’ll have to tell you about that some other time.


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  • Peter fixsel

    I came across your site and was wondering if you don’t have an addiction but am interested in doing an iboga cleanse for self growth. If you could get back to me and give a little more information that’d be awesome.

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