What’s the Big Deal about Aftercare?

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Ibogaine aftercare, is it necessary?

Yes. Yes, for sure! Ibogaine aftercare is absolutely essential. It’s actually the difference between the people who stay off their drugs of choice long term and those who done. Ibogaine practitioners around the world know this, I know this and I want you to know this.

I want you to get it.

I want you to feel how true this is.

But and this is a big BUT, it may not look the way you think.

Almost all of the “aftercare” out there is informed by the typical way of dealing with addiction recovery. This usually looks like reaffirming the idea that an addict is an addict forever. That this is a disease to live with for the rest of your life and you have to learn to “survive” it.

Those of us in the ibogaine world know that this is a narrow view.

We know that ibogaine creates a big shift. Bigger than typical detox. Because of this ibogaine aftercare needs to be something different. We know (usually from our own experience), that addiction is a state of being. This state of addiction can be moved through and moved beyond. It is not something that has to hang on you for the rest of your life. You can and will move past this, if you set yourself up to.

The best thing I can say is that you need guidance. Leaving your ibogaine retreat without having a plan and with no continued support is not the way to be successful. Many people are eager to put this behind them and just forget about this addiction phase. Believe me, I get that. I get not wanting to talk about it every again, or even to think about it.

Yet, experience has shown me it takes more than that. The time after your ibogaine experience is amazing and inspiring, but it’s delicate. And you need guidance.

So, what is ibogaine aftercare?

Ibogaine aftercare can be a lot of things. But here’s some of my favorites:

  • Work with a recovery coach or excellent that is familiar with ibogaine or at least plant medicines.
  • Set up your life with positive rituals and habits.
  • Become a yoga Badass, or at the very least do some very hard exercise 5 days a week.
  • Get involved with a community that is supportive of healthy living and where you can find a mentor.
  • Find a spiritual practice that fits your beliefs and learn about it.
  • Stay at the retreat center you went to for ibogaine longer and have them teach you about re-integrating back into your life smoothly.
  • Learn about addiction from thought leaders. Especially people who are familiar with the benefit of plant medicines and how they revolutionize the addiction state, Gabor Maté is a good place to start.
  • Reach out for help when you need it or when you feel unsteady. Call your support system (including your ibogaine provider) and have them help you through it.
  • On the rare occasion halfway houses may be helpful as well. Just make sure they’re ones that are supportive of the idea of Ibogaine.

I encourage you to try the above list when you’re looking around and discovering what ibogaine aftercare will be for you. It’s important to do something. Your long term success is determined by how deeply you understand this and how sincerely you try.

Please hear me on this:

To lock in your long term success and to stay off drugs, you must do some kind of ibogaine aftercare.

Okay my friends, hopefully you get what I’m trying to say. If you need any suggestions let me know. I’m here for you.



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  • Daniel

    Thank you for this valuable information on aftercare. I am going to try ibogaine for my addiction and to try to improve my life soon and I needed to know what to do following the experience.

    • Haley

      Hey Daniel! I’m so happy this information was helpful to you. If you have questions or want any additional advice you can email me at: Haley@IbogaineMexico.com

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