Aftercare, what an important topic.

Re-integration and aftercare are somewhat the same, but somewhat different. Re-integration is about setting your life up at home with positive habits and landing home while being able to take the benefits from your iboga detox treatment with you. While aftercare is more of something you immerse yourself into right after you leave the ibogaine therapy clinic.

To stay clear and off of your drug of choice it can be beneficial to take an extra step. Post ibogaine is a special time. Your world is vast and there is so much possibility. Your mind is clear and your spiritual side is awake. Your experience was impactful and it’s a good time to figure out how to make the most of what you’ve re-gained within yourself.

To do this, it can be beneficial to have additional care and to not go straight back home.

Professional retreats or programs that are focused on building you up are the perfect next step in the crossroads of your life. Ideally the place you go is specializing in Ibogaine aftercare, although this isn’t essential. We suggest that you set this up pre ibogaine, yet you can always enroll after as well. Although, the most benefit is derived if you have a seamless transition from Ibogaine to your next center. We can assist in this and have a few recommendations below of what that can look like. If you’d like to know more, ask us!

Our Best Recommendations for Aftercare

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Living Clean Ibogaine is a therapeutic aftercare program located in a well-established integrative medicine retreat. Their unique approach bridges modern holistic therapies with indigenous medicine from the Amazonian rainforest. Family-centered and individually tailored, the program supports deep personal transformation and social integration.

LivingCleanIbogaine Website


Nature emersion helps you discover the depths of your being. The natural environment is a teacher and needs no explanation. The beauty, challenges and life that is all around you unearth your potential.

NOLS invites you to become a leader for your life and your community.

They are a non-profit and believe that by pushing yourself physically, you grow into a much stronger person and can tap into your fullest potential.

NOLS Website 

Courage and Bravery

It takes courage to sign up for this process and we honor you for finding the strength and interest to look within and end addiction in your life. To do this you must be brave and willing to face whatever comes up. This is the realm of the warrior – doing something that scares you for the greater good. What greater good? The greater good of your live as well as for all humans. Addiction holds us down and keeps us from being free. Only someone who truly is ready will break free from the cycle of personal destruction called addiction. This is an impressive step towards you being an autonomous being.

Tabernanthe iboga’s roots are what contains ibogaine and is a plant that is responsible for many awakenings. People feel that it is the cure for addicts. When taken properly, it’s safe and effective, yet it’s not always enough. For some people, it’s important to dive right into an aftercare program after taking ibogaine. Who are these people?

  • Anyone who has extra time and doesn’t NEED to go straight back home.
  • Someone serious about long term wellbeing.
  • Those living on the street.
  • Hardcore users.
  • Anyone wanting to explore theirselves more.
  • Lifelong addicts.
  • A person who is dedicated to do whatever it takes.
  • Someone who has a unsupportive home life.
  • Spiritual warriors.
  • Those who get that detox is not the same as restructuring your life for long term success.
  • Someone who wants this Iboga treatment to be as deep as it possibly can be.

Some things to consider

The importance of doing everything you can to find long term success is great. Addictions are gone after ibogaine, but the habits that you have aren’t. When you arrive back to the same house your used in, what will happen? Have you set everything up well enough that there aren’t the same triggers? I mean, what happens when you get lonely, or your favorite friend who you use with comes around. Are you solidified enough in your new found freedom to follow the path that you’re on after your ibogaine retreat?

Scientists have found that it takes 30 days to form a new habit. This means doing the habit everyday for 30 consecutive days. This concept is why it’s beneficial to not go straight back home. If you can, we encourage your to go to a secondary retreat. They should offer support on restructuring life in a positive healthful way. Other aspects that would be ideal for them to have is access to additional plant medicines, therapy of any kind, holistic treatments like yoga, acupuncture and nutritional education. These are the foundations of a healthy life when you get home, so this is what you should be putting in place during your post ibogaine recovery treatment.

Ibogaine Aftercare

I think you’ve probably gotten the picture by now. Ibogaine aftercare is a serious consideration. The main points are this.

  • How do you intend to ensure that you take what you’ve learned with ibogaine and bring it back home with you.
  • What is your plan to create a home environment to support you?
  • You need to practice the habits that will support a full, awake and alive life.
  • Help with this process might be necessary.
  • Look at our recommendations above for specify ideas on where you can get help after Ibogaine.

Get in touch if you have questions, comments or need to brainstorm ideas!



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