Why isn’t there an ibogaine clinic in the US?

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Currently, Ibogaine isn’t available in the US.

It does appear that there are some groups working on trying to get ibogaine legal in the United States, but at this point, we’re not there yet. I hope it happens soon. But until then, it will remain illegal, thus we’re restricted to operating in countries that it’s legal or at least unscheduled in.

Which means you’ll need to travel to Mexico in most cases just to get ibogane treatment. There’s centers in a number of different countries, but the majority of them are in Mexico. It would be amazing to be able to go to your doctor for a prescription of Ibogaine, but until then you’ll have to travel a bit.

But the thing is, I think it’s good. Getting out of your normal setting allows for a full transformation and recalibration. When you seperate from the normal routine, normal people and normal setting, true long term healing and change can occur. Without being removed from these things I think the impact is lost. It’s no longer a journey, a vision quest, a rite of passage.

Let’s go back to this “scheduled” thing. What’s that?

In 1970, the Controlled Substance Act was passed, which classified different drugs the government wanted to regulate into 5 different classifications. Scheule 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Schedule 1 is the most restrictive. There were a number of different plant medicines placed into the schedule 1 classification, including Ibogaine.

Technically, the regulations for this schedule disqualify the plants (including iboga) from being classified this way, but there in there regardless. Below are the regulations for a schedule 1 drug.

Schedule 1 Drugs:

  • has been shown to have no medical use
  • is not safe to use with doctor supervision
  • has a high potential for abuse

Ibogaine is safe and therapeutic with medical supervision, there’s no chance for abuse and there are medical advantages, but none the less it’s included in this classification. Until this changes, you’ll find this ibogaine treatment clinic in Mexico.

It’s important to not be angry about this. I share these details to inform, but not to stir up negativity. The people that made these rules were doing the best they could, remember to be kind to them too.


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