Which ibogaine clinics are safe?

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Which Ibogaine Clinics are safe?

One thing I’ve learned from being an ibogaine treatment provider is that anyone who works in this field with any real longevity is doing so because they love it. This is very fulfilling work, but it’s taxing. I’ve come to the belief that you’d be unable to stay working at or owning any of the ibogaine clinics for any real amount of time if you didn’t have passion for it.

So the first thing you should do if you’re wondering about a clinic is to ask how long they’ve been in business.

If they’ve been around for a while, chances are they know the proper ways to keep you safe.

Remember, it’s important to Trust, but also to Verify. Do a little research and make sure you can see that what was said is true. This is an important part of research in any part of your left, not just about ibogaine clinics.

Here’s a few more things to ask with the proper answers:

What medical tests do you do?

  • EKG
  • Blood work as needed

Is there a doctor who supervises the ibogaine administration and overall program?

  • Yes. they are available the entire day of Ibogaine, will do a check up before you begin. They are also available for recommendations and assessments/checkups afterward if you need.

What kind of Ibogaine do you use?

  • We use Ibogaine HCl for the full dose. We may do booster doses with Iboga or other types of ibogaine, but the full dose is always HCl.

How do you handle electrolyte levels?

  • There are a variety of ways to handle electrolyte levels, but the best way is with an IV. As long as you have accessable veins, we will do electrolyte hydration therapy with you before and after your ibogaine experience.

If any of the ibogaine clinics you are thinking about going to do follow these procedures I would think twice about going to them. These are the minimum safety protocols to make sure everything goes well.

It’s also a good idea to look up any reviews online to see what other people are saying.

Hope this is helpful!

Give me a call is you want more information:




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