Ibogaine cost is nothing compared to drug cost.

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Ibogaine cost vs the cost of drugs.

Ibogaine cost is a topic that a lot of people are talking about. Is it worth it? Why does ibogaine cost multiple thousands of dollars? I mean, it came from the earth didn’t it – why should I have to pay for this detox program?

A lot of people also say, “I have a heroin addiction, all my money goes to drugs. I should be able to go to a clinic for free.”

All of these are valid statements, but there’s another perspective here. I know it can be frustrating that Ibogaine or iboga isn’t available in the states from your doctor, but that’s just something we all have to deal with right now. In the mean time, I think it’s helpful to understand where the average Ibogaine providers are coming from.

At our Ibogaine retreat clinic you get taken care of very well. There are certain protocols that need to be followed to make sure you get the results and the quality of experience that you’re looking for. Ultimately to get off of drugs and other toxic substances for good. This means that you need to work with a professional who know what they’re doing. To do that, means that the ibogaine provider will have a few thousand dollars of expenses per person to give you what you need. To get you off your substance of choice is expensive. We have to pay for the root, facility, staff and much more.

Most centers are some for of a house that is like a sanctuary.

Then it’s important to understand that the ibogaine provider and all of the support staff are doing this out of passion and desire to help you get clean and find liberty and wellness in your world. But, passion doesn’t pay the bills. Currency does. So, in return for the effort we offer to you, we ask for an exchange of energy in the form of currency to cover our costs and to pay ourselves a modest wage.

To us, this is a fair exchange.

When you consider the amount that you spend on drugs every month, you can pay for a rehab or ibogaine or iboga treatment and therapy very quickly just by not having that reoccurring expense. I know I spend thousands of dollars personally on drugs and alcohol before I took ibogaine-I bet it’s the same for you too.

So, before you get to upset about the ibogaine treatment cost, just consider that it’s an equal exchange with the ibogaine treatment clinics and rehab center you’re working with.

Peace and love.



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