What does ibogaine cost?

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What does Ibogaine cost?

This may seem like an extreme statement, but I’m serious:

It doesn’t matter how much ibogaine cost unless you’re serious about what happens when you get home.

Many patients  are very  willing to attend an ibogaine treatment program, which is great. It’s what you do when you get home that makes the therapy really work though.

If you don’t have a plan or willingness to continue your addiction recovery and wellness plan for after your ibogaine treatment program, you may as well not even take ibogaine or iboga. The difference between your long term recovery success and just reverting back into old behaviors when you get home is your plan for after treatment.

As you’ve been finding out in the last few posts, this is something that I want you to get real about.

The most effective suggestions are to get involved in activities that are renewing and inspiring. As these are the best things to be included in your holistic health. The number one therapy I think you should check out is Yoga.

Ibogaine cost is irrelevant until you get your treatment plan in order. If you don’t have a treatment and recovery plan whatever you pay will be a waste. It could cost $100 or $10,000 and it will all go down the drain.

The important thing to note is the whole recovery and contingency plan not the ibogaine cost. You need to have this kind of attitude to continue with the ibogaine treatment and rehab plan even after you get home.

I really want you to hear me on this.

Many years ago now, I took a yoga teacher training. I was wanting to take my practice to another level, learn a skill and make friends. During this training I learned a lot. But there is one thing that impacted me the most and it’s surprising how basic it is.

What was it?

Here it is: just getting on your mat (doing yoga) for 5 minutes a day can change my life. My teacher would have us start our day of training by doing a simple Sun Salutation. Day by day I would be amazed at how much different I felt after.

I might come in lethargic or nervous, as I was working full time and not getting a ton of sleep, and after doing yoga for 5 minutes I would feel refreshed, energized and ready to go.

This happened time and time again.

I repeat, this was the biggest lesson of the entire yoga therapy training.

So, I challenge you to try this type of therapeutic program. Within this post at the top, is a diagram of the movements I would do during those 5 minutes. It’s called Sun Salutation B, in sanskrit (the language of yoga) it’s called Surya Namaskar B.

I encourage you to study the diagram and look up some videos on youtube, then try it yourself. You will experience a different kind of detox feeling right after. Don’t worry if you don’t have a yoga mat, just do it on your floor.

I want you to try this therapeutic and then let me know the results. Leave a comment below, give me a call or shoot me an email.



Remember, the ibogaine cost is irrelevant until you create your plan for after you get home. You must set up positive habits to stay off drugs long term.


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  • Ashley

    [~*~I write in “A.D.D. Format”- & for that, I apologize~*~]

    ••Hi there! Ok, sooo.. Im dependent on a few prescribed meds- 1 of which (after being prescribed for over 25yrs), not only defines who I am but has-most definitely- been taken over like {I’m imprisoned in this disconnected, absentminded vessel}! I’m suicidally phreaked out knowing I’ll NeVeR be a functional member of society. Having >>ΝΦ βØÐ¥<<: no family, no friends, no job/career, no higher education, no means of transportation- No MEANS, PeRiøD, & no desire nor strength to trust anyone… Including but not limited to, asking one for help! (*EsPeCiaLLy RE: $$ (&payment of treatment)). I feel as worthless, useless, mindless & senseless as they come! All of those dreams, goals, aspirations, inventions, ect. that I think I had @ one point or another – have turned into ONE SINGLE GOAL: to set MYSELF FREE & be the chick that I REALLY TRULY KNOW I am inside.

    ✌ Ashley

    ••Again,[~*~I write in "A.D.D. Format"- & for that, I apologize~*~]!••

    • Haley

      Hey Ashley 🙂 Thank you for sharing what you’re experience is. We’d love to help. Occasionally we can offer scholarships to help people like yourself. I will keep you in mind and let you know when one become available. Be well, Haley

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