Some people think Ibogaine does not work.

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Why do some people state that ibogaine does not work?

If Ibogaine is so great, then why do some people say that Ibogaine does not work or didn’t work for them? Let’s start with addressing this directly. What could make someone believe this?

There could be a few reasons that people say this.

Here’s a few ideas:

  • Someone is experiencing PAWS.
  • Someone is going through Benzo withdrawal.
  • They have some interest against Ibogaine.
  • Someone took Suboxone, Methadone or Subutex within three weeks.

Let’s explore these scenarios.

Someone is experiencing PAWS.

PAWS is a bit of a tricky beast. It can come up a while after someone leaves their ibogaine treatment. In this situation someone can end up feeling pretty bad. The key to avoid this is going to a clinic that gives you plenty of boosters. Gettting boosters throughout your stay ensures that lots of ibogaine is being metabolized into your system.

This ibogaine will work against any PAWS that wants to creep in and mess with you. A flood dose isn’t enough. We’ve found that you MUST have boosters if you don’t want to experience some PAWS. If you feel PAWS, you feel like ibogaine does not work. But it does, you just have to make sure to get plenty in your system for long term success.

Someone is going through Benzo withdrawal.

I have seen this happen.

If someone is going through Benzo withdrawal (xanax, klonapin, atavan, valium) it can be very very ugly. Some people don’t realize that ibogaine won’t detox you from this class of drugs. They go to a clinic and tell the provider that they’re only their for dope. In reality, they’ve also been taking handfuls of klonapin everyday and want to stop that too. They thing they don’t realize is ibogaine doesn’t work for benzos, period. It’s not sometimes, it’s never.

So, this person stops taking their regular doses when they take ibogaine but they still feel so sick and really messed up afterward, it doesn’t seem to have worked. They’re certain they’re in opiate withdrawal. The thing is, they’re in benzo withdrawal, which is so incredibly nasty. They’re free of opiates, because ibogaine always works for that. But they still feel like crap.

Don’t let this be you. Tell your provider if you’ve been taking any kind of benzos. You can still take ibogaine for other things, you just have to keep taking your regular dose of benzos throughout. You’ll be off dope and then you can work on stepping down off of the benzos.

They have some interest against Ibogaine.

Some people have views against Ibogaine for some reason. They may be spreading incorrect information on the internet to keep people from believing it’s true.

Although, as the heroin and drug epidemic as a whole become more and more mainstream more people are starting to look to ibogaine. I think those who were previously very against this form of treatment are loosening up and considering it as an option. I mean, they have to. It’s getting so bad and there doesn’t seem to be a great answer. We all know traditional detox has a very low success rate.

Someone took Suboxone, Methadone or Subutex within three weeks.

This is another primary reason I have observed people to feel like Ibogaine does not work. If someone has taken even a tiny dose of any of these medicines within three weeks of taking ibogaine, ibogaine acts differently. Because of the long acting nature of the listed medicines ibogaine will work for a little while, but withdrawals will come back up steadily as the neural receptors get freed up from the Suboxone/Methadone/Subutex leaving your body.

Some people don’t know this or don’t believe that it really matters. So when they take Ibogaine it’s not as effective as they want. This leads them to say ibogaine wasn’t helpful for them. But they didn’t follow the rules. Ibogaine works very well if you follow the three week rule. It’s not optional and not just some myth.


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