Ibogaine Hoax Saves Mothers’ Life.

Maybe you’ve already ready enough to know that this “ibogaine hoax” is in no way a hoax.

Ibogaine is for real and the benefits are real. It’s safe if you work with professionals and make sure they know about all your medical history and drugs/supplements that you’re on. If you do that, you’re golden and are in for a real healing journey.

Below is the transcript from a testimonial of a past guest. Her name is Nicole and she’s a mother. She had gotten so deep into using, that the depression she was experiencing was debilitating and the using was causing her real harm. She wasn’t able to take care of her kids anymore, because she just couldn’t handle it. What a difficult place to be. She knew she needed help, so started looking into Ibogaine.

Listen to her story, after you read this maybe this ibogaine hoax idea will be put to rest. But if you need more answers, more testimonials then check those out too. At some point you’ll have done enough research to believe. In the mean time, you can also give me a call if you’d like to chat directly.

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Transcript from Nicole’s Testimonial:

I am Nicole and I’m from Wisconsin. I came to The Sunrise Center because I had been on Suboxone for four years and it ruined my life. I was in depression, I couldn’t leave my house, I couldn’t take care of my children, I didn’t care about myself, my life and I was going to die.

I found The Sunrise Center after doing a lot of research and looking into different places. I decided to come here because of the different medicines that they offer and the support that I felt that I would receive. It just seemed like a very safe and easy way of doing this experience. I had a short flight from Wisconsin to San Diego and I was picked up at the airport and driven here. I felt very comfortable and safe traveling alone.

Once I got here the support that I felt from everyone, from the manager Isaac to the nurses to the staff was incredible. The people here made this process amazing. Initially when I got here I was in withdrawal, but we did Kambo, which was a pretty intense experience for a few minutes, but it didn’t last long and it stopped my withdrawal. Then I went to sleep. The next morning I woke up and we started the ibogaine process.

One of the things that made me very comfortable was that there’s actually medical staff. There is a doctor here, there are nurses, but it’s still a home environment and it’s comfortable and it’s… The people here are just so loving and caring and compassionate and will do anything to make this experience great for you.

Um, Ibogaine is a little rough. But it’s completely worth it. I had no withdrawal. The worst part was sleeplessness for a few days. It’s hard to get comfortable, but it’s not intolerable. If I were trying to go off of medication cold turkey, or whatever, I would not be able to do it. And I certainly would not be up today and ready to go home. I’d still be in bed sick.

After a couple of days when you start getting a little more energy, from after the ibogaine, everybody here just kind gets you out of the house. They took us to do things. We had massages, they took us to dinner, we went shopping, we went to the beach, umm, we did a lot of really fun things. The other medicines that we were given just kind of tied everything all together and for the first time in four years I feel and that’s amazing. I highly recommend Sunrise Center to anyone who is trapped in opiate addiction. They will save your life.

You can watch Nicole here:

What else should you know?

Do your research

Not every ibogaine retreat center offers the same service, amenities, medicines and support. If you plan to go somewhere else, make sure to find out if they have medical professionals, high quality nutrition, pure ibogaine and are there for you before, during and after your retreat is over.

So people are doing shoddy work, which contributes to the myth of Ibogaine being a hoax. Do yourself a favor, look up reviews and rip-off reports before you put down a deposit.

Build your Strength

It’s helpful to have as much strength before you take ibogaine as you can. This means: get good rest, try not to binge out to hard, get some exercise (even if it’s a walk around the block), eat lots of vegetables and whole foods and do anything else that makes you feel good naturally.

Make a Plan

The plan is for when you arrive home, but it’s good to start formulating it now. Ibogaine is amazing and you will leave the retreat off of drugs. For, sure. Something that happens right after that is that you go back home into your old environment. This means that triggers and things in your environment may test your resolve. This is where the plan comes in. How to do PLAN to deal with these things as they come up? Start thinking about this now. You can get some ideas from our aftercare suggestions.

Give me a Call

When you’ve done enough research that you have a list of questions, give me a call. I’m a great resource for ibogaine and plant medicine questions in general. I’ve been walking in this world for a long time now and I love to share what I know. If you’re not ready to call and want something a little more anonymous then you can email or just cruise around on the site.

You can reach me anytime at: Haley@IbogaineMexico.com

I hope this helps.

Feel free to leave questions in the comment section below or by sending me a quick message.

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