Is ibogaine an opiate detox for real?

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Ibogaine is an opiate detox. It’s very fast and actually incredibly effective.

Make a plan to get the most out of your Ibogaine treatment program.

Even for people with the most severe opiate, heroin, cocaine, or any other drug and substance addictions, ibogaine therapy has proven to be effective. It’s important to take the proper steps to help yourself make sure that Ibogaine therapy is as effective as possible, because it works. It works really well and it gives you positive effects in the end.

So what are those steps?

Research Ibogaine and the treatment regimen it offers. Know what’s your signing up for.

Ibogaine treatment is a rigorous process. It’s much much easier than kicking on your your own. You won’t have to go through withdrawal at all, but you do have to put in effort. It is important that you have some knowledge on how ibogaine opiate detox program would be. So get familiar with the ibogaine therapy process and make sure it seems like something you’re up for.

Restructure your life.

Figure out new hobbies, or change some significant things in your life so it feels different. In fact, this is part of the ibogaine treatment program that many ibogaine providers would recommend. You need to make sure you don’t go back to the same environment as you were using in. Doing so will make it much more difficult to stay clean because you’ll be running into old connects and will be experiencing many of the same triggers as before, which contributed to your use.

Part of the therapeutic and reconstructive methods included in the program from ibogaine centers are the following suggestions: restructuring things with a new apartment and some classes about something you’re interested in can change things a lot. Doing so is key to your long term recovery, success and wellness. Feeding your spirit when you return home is essential.

Have an accountability partner for when you get back home.

When you are on your ibogaine therapy program, it is important that you  have a partner throughout your detoxification and treatment phase. Find someone you really trust and that is invested in your long term recovery and success and ask them to be your accountability partner. The way the relationship works is like this: you commit to do something that will be helpful for you to stay on the new path your on. You tell this person about it and they agree to keep you accountable for this commitment. Here’s an example:

Say part of your life recovery and reconstruction plan after your ibogaine rehab program is to go to yoga three times a week for the next two months. You would tell your accountability partner this and you would also give them a check for an amount of money that would hurt for you to loose. For some people that may be $100, others it might be $1000. Let’s say for this example the check is made out for $300. So, you give them a check for $300 made out to an organization that you despise. You then agree to text your partner everytime you go to yoga.

In this way, you can still continue your rehab and detox therapy even you are not in the ibogaine treatment center. You bring the benefits home with you.

The basic idea is for the leverage of the social accountability of telling another person your goal and the cash being on the line, to keep you on track to follow through with whatever the plan is.

So, research the best and effective ibogaine therapy program, restructure your life and get an accountability partner so your recovery success chances are nearly 100%. People who put this much effort in and are this serious do really really well. They recover and gain 100% wellness after enrolling in their ibogaine treatment program.


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