I’m an Ibogaine provider because…

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Maybe it’s obvious, maybe it’s not. I don’t actually know. So’ll I’ll share with you why I’m an Ibogaine provider.

I like to see people awake.

My belief set tells me that people who are struggling with drug addiction and substance intoxication (I was one of these people, so was Mark) are some of the most sensitive, empathetic, creative and tapped in people that there are. I consider these traits gifts. But, these gifts can come with a lot of “load” on the person that has them. Because of this, drugs addiction can grab them and entwine them deep.

Through my own search for how to unwind this cycle for myself, I found that Ibogaine or iboga not only took care of this for me, it made me awake. More awake than I’ve ever been. In my opinion, awake is the way to be. So it’s now my mission, as an ibogaine provider to facilitate the “awakening” of as many sensitive, empathetic, creative and tapped in people as I can.

I think the world needs it.

To build on the above point, I believe that the wold can use more awakened souls. Things are pretty messy out there right now and the more people that are living in Truth, the more impact we can make on stabilizing the future.


Save the families.

Too many beautiful people are dying because of over doses from these harmful drugs and toxic substances. Too many people are suffering directly and indirectly from trauma, PTSD, addiction and emotional distress. This breaks families and breaks hearts.

I want families to stay together, stay connected and stay loving each other. By being an ibogaine provider I’ve seen direct results in people taking ibogaine and then repairing their personal relationships afterward. That is the best thing about ibogaine treatment program.

I believe plants are the first medicine.

My heritage is Annishinaabe, a First Nations tribe from Canada, also called Ojibwe. My roots have always been at the surface for me and they tell me that the world has all the answers. That the plants and the animals are our teachers. That the rocks are our ancestors and the trees our grandfathers. I believe that plants are the first medicines.

Every human affliction can be treated from the earth, by the plants, by the animals. We don’t need chemicals to heal ourselves. We just need to be open to the possibilities of what is already all around us and how these things can help. That’s why I believe in the healing therapeutic power of iboga. That’s why as a ibogaine provider, I strongly recommend iboga therapy and the entire program for everyone who is suffering from different kinds of addictions.

It open’s my heart and feeds my soul.

A consistent experience of mine is that people change drastically from the day they arrive to the day they depart. People are more alive and their true selves. It’s a remarkable thing to see and be witness to over and over. People come in really hurting and leave so full and in their power. I love seeing this and being close to it. As I can see their progress after enrolling themselves in ibogaine treatment program, it makes my heart feel warm and my soul feel like it’s on it’s path.

This is something I am so grateful for. I’m grateful to the medicines, to the earth and to our guests for letting me be a part of this. Thank you.

I’m an ibogaine provider for a lot of reasons, but these are the most important ones. One’s recovery and liberty from addiction is my goal. These are spiritual treatments which create awakening.


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  • Elisabeth

    Hey Haley, I wd so love to work with you and Marc but have to do some savings first!
    Thank you for those beautifully spoken/written words!
    We know why we love Iboga, right?
    lov elisabeth

    • Haley

      Keep in touch, we’ll support you along your journey any way we can 🙂

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