Become a Yoga Badass

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It’s an ibogaine provider’s responsibility to make sure you get the most out of your retreat.

We all know that iboga therapy is considered to be one of the best detox treatment for those people who have drug addiction. Though a lot of traditional doctors still prescribe a drug like suboxone or methadone which alleviate the dangerous elements of the addiction, it’s not enough.

People who have tried iboga treatment can attest that this is far far superior than these prescriptions.

On the other hand, ibogaine providers do not only focus on the medicinal treatment. They know that more is needed. This is why I’m focused on ibogaine reintegration in addition to treatment. This topic is something that needs to be explored, developed and taught. Just mentioning ibogaine treatment isn’t enough.

Today’s topic and suggestion: Become a yoga Badass.


That’s something you do when you’re old and decrepit, right?

A common misconception.

An old boyfriend of mine actually said to me when I was getting into yoga that I should forget it an for now and wait until I was dying.

Does the above photo look like something that you do when you’re dying? No.

It’s something you do when you’re steeped in badassity!

Yoga is my favorite form of renewal and something that I build my entire life around. I strive to go to class 5 times a week, sometimes more.

After your retreat, you need to find new ways to spend your time, your energy and a way to make new friends. Any of the good ibogaine providers will be counseling you to do this and this is what I’m doing now.

So why yoga? What’s the result and why is this helpful for reintegration?

The answer is actually very simple.

Yoga renews you physically, emotionally and spiritually all at the same time, while giving you contact with other people who are serious about caring for themselves and being in the highest level of health possible.

I’ve found over time, that striving for optimum health is the easiest way to stay on track and keep old habits and patterns from creeping in. The healthier I get, the more addiction seems like a far far distant memory.

So let’s explore yoga a little bit.

There’s lots of kinds, how do you find the right class?

I favor any class that is burly. You typically are going to want a Vinyasa 2, advanced Power Yoga class or Hot Yoga. These are listed in my order of preference, but are all great. You can call a studio in your town and ask them which classes and teachers on their schedule teach the above styles.

If you’ve never done yoga before let the teacher know, so they can help direct you.

I challenge you to go a minimum of 5 times in two weeks. After you do this, then make your judgement if this is right for you. If you go that much, you’ll be able to see the benefits right away.

Let’s break down the benefits of this yoga therapy program a little bit:


A strong yet flexible body is essential for longevity. This is what yoga offers. You don’t have to stretch after yoga, or go lift weights. Strength and flexibility are yoga. You’ll be cultivating both the entire time you’re in class. In addition to this you are flushing your system clean. By moving in this way, you’re promoting toxins to be removed from your system that build up from the environment, poor food choices and even from chemicals that get trapped in your body when you experience intense negative emotions.


Yoga is an emotional rinse. I can go into class feeling off, or even having a really bad day and leave with an inspired, upbeat feeling. The endorphins that are built during class do this, but so do the sequences of yoga. The movements are ancient and were created to empower, rejuvenate and reset.

Yoga just by it’s nature is actually a type of therapy program in it’s self. Yoga centers don’t necessarily talk about it this way, but once you try it, you’ll realize that this is the case.


In yoga we talk about “time on your mat” being something that teaches you about yourself and shows you your inner world. The classes that I’ve recommended are challenging and staying with it sometimes can be very hard. While you breathe into in and stay, things tend to come up. Going through this day after day is very informative and really is just one long active meditation. It’s life giving to be with yourself in this way.


Often yoga centers have music events, potlucks and all sorts of gatherings on the weekends and after hours. Get involved. Make friends with the teachers and other students. These are high quality individuals that take great care of themselves, are inspiring and are very interesting. Allow yourself to be a part of this incredible community of people.

Seriously, even if you’re not athletic or are a more traditional sports person, try it out. You’re going to be amazed at how beneficial yoga therapy is from the beginning.

Ask your ibogaine providers for other ideas. We do this work because we love to help and are very happy to share our best ideas about ibogaine treatment and what has worked for us. This is one of my very best ideas, I hope you try it out.

Get in touch if you have questions: 1-888-66-IBOGA


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