Is Ibogaine Rehab?

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Ibogaine, rehab and ending addiction for good.

It seems like I’ve been hearing a common question lately. That is, people keep asking me, “Is Ibogaine rehab?” Now, this is an understandable question, being that the Ibogaine  treatment option isn’t very well know and many people are just hearing about it for the first time. These folks are wading through all the information and trying to make sense of it all.

They’re trying to figure out if it’s different, how the iboga therapy is different, why and if it’s better and what ibogaine is in the first place. There can be many questions before you’re well versed in any topic, but especially such a complex one like ending addiction.

So, is Ibogaine rehab?

No, Ibogaine is not rehab. But it will end your addiction. And many could attest that it is effective. It could give a person a chance to modify his life holistically.

Ibogaine is a very powerful plant alkaloid derived from the plant iboga. It goes into your system and repairs and plugs the neuroreceptors in your brain that keep the addiction cycle in place. Ibogaine ends withdrawals within minutes of taking it and takes care of cravings too. It virtually stops your body from needing drugs to feel normal.

Ibogaine also has a visionary quality which is responsible for keeping you off drugs long term. How? Well, it shows you why the addiction has such a strong grasp on you and then shows you how to change your life. This is a key element of the whole thing. By showing you how to change your life, Ibogaine gives you the clues you need to setup your situation back home to be a supportive of you’re new self off drugs.

There’s another quality as well. Maybe the most beneficial thing that ibogaine does is to helps you work through stuck emotions and then to release them. These stuck emotions can be a primary cause for staying in addiction. The drugs are an escape from feeling the difficult stuff that’s stuffed away in the dark corners of your brain and body. Ibogaine helps you go in and find those places and gently brings them forward so that they don’t have to hold you down and more.

So, now you answer the question: Is ibogaine rehab?

I think we can both agree, “no, no it’s not”. Rehab doesn’t do all the things mentioned above. What’s worse, it that it typically instils a message that you’re an addict for life and this is a disease. With ibogaine this doesn’t have to be true. It’s important to do the work and follow the instructions you get from Iboga when you take it, but if you do, addiction will be a think of the past.

You can evolve out of this addiction and it can be a thing of the past.


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