Ibogaine stories need to be told, shared and heard.

Let’s all help each other demystify ibogaine by telling our stories and sharing our experiences.

The last few weeks I’ve been sharing some testimonials with you. You see, I don’t want to convince you of anything. What I’m trying to do here on this blog is share as much information with you as I can, to help you make an informed choice about ibogaine and the trajectory of your life.

It seems like the best way to do that is by hearing from real people who have been through the experience first hand. So today here’s another testimonial. Make sure to look at the most recent past posts if you want to read more ibogaine stories.

Ryan is a total trooper and has a lot of heart. he went through a lot to get himself down here. Amongst life’s curve balls, he stayed strong and true to his heart, which was telling him he needed to get off opiates. I say he’s a trooper because it took him almost a year to get himself into a retreat. With the ups and downs of life, it would have been very easy for him to get discouraged and say screw it. Instead, he kept working for it everyday and made it here.

Allow him to be an inspiration to you. If you want to make this happen, you can. If you want to make this happen bad enough, you will.

Transcript of Ryan’s Testimonial:

My name is Ryan. Came here to Sunrise on Monday the 17th. A little history about myself. I’ve been battling opiate addiction since 2010/2011. Started with some medical issues and turned into some recreational use and just progressed from there. Um, it got pretty ugly. Um, started running out of money, so had to seek alternative ways to support my habit.

Eventually got on suboxone. That allowed me to function, but kept me depressed. Doctors started to give me SSRI’s to help with the depression, so here I was with Suboxone, to an SSRI, to Abilify, to you name it and it just got to be ridiculous. So, started seeking alternative treatments and did a lot of research on Ibogaine. Um, talked with 5 different clinics all around Mexico and Northern Baja.

Felt best about Sunrise, ahh Haley and Mark were really great on the phone, very responsive to emails. Very thorough about how the process works. Felt, just felt very comfortable with them. Probably spent about 50 hours of research, really wanted to take it seriously. So, I went ahead and made the deposit and came down to Northern Baja. Flew into San Diego, Juan picked me up at the airport, ah great guy. Drove down through Mexico.

First night we got here we did the Kambo ritual and pre-detox and that was pretty intense and allowed for a very smooth ibogaine treatment. I think there were only a couple of times that I had to get up during the ibogaine treatment itself to use the restroom. And from what I’ve heard about before, that can be a pretty problematic thing with Ibogaine because it’s hard to walk and going to the bathroom can be a big problem.

Everyone here was great. Everyone treated me like family, I know I kept people up because I had some sleepless nights, but I never once felt like I was burdening anybody. Sandra, Isaac, Hector, Abraham and a few other people I’m probably forgetting. Everyone was great. Great food and I will say that after the Ibogaine I didn’t have any cravings, which was astonishing to me. Because even if I’ve gone cold turkey with opiates and I’ve gotten past maybe the ugly phase, maybe the first 5 or 6 days I still had huge cravings. No cravings now, maybe some slight cold chills, but nothing unmanageable.

No desire to do any opiates. I feel reborn. I feel like this is the best decision of my life. So would recommend that if you’re struggling with any dependency or mental health issue give it a chance. They’re great people down here.

Video of Ryan’s Testimonial:

You’re not off the hook yet.

What’s your story? Have you taken ibogaine yet? Are you planning to? What does this life have in-store for you? Are you prepared? Is there something that’s getting in the way? Do you want to make a shift? What is that shift? Can you reach your goals better by making this shift? How are you going to go about creating this? What will you do to effect change in your life? Do you need ibogaine? Do you need something different? Do you have plan for how that will happen? Do you have a plan for what happens when you get home?

Do you have answers to these questions? Do they lead you towards ibogaine? Do they lead you away from it? Do they bring up more questions? Is there uncertainty? Is there certainty? What do you feel in your body is the right direction for you to go?

I really don’t care if you come to The Sunrise Center. I want to help if that’s the right thing for you to do, but this isn’t a sales pitch. I want you to connect with your heart and tap in. Tap into what is right for you. Not just for this transition from addiction, to abundance – but in your entire life.

I want you to start listening to your heart, listening to your gut and to use your intuition to guide you.

I want you to learn that skill. I want you to hone your awareness. Such beautiful jewels begin to show up in life when this is done. You will know yourself deeply, which in turn allows you to make the best choices for yourself. It’s like you have your own guide inside of you that coaxes you down the trail of life. And this, is invaluable.

Being able to trust yourself and know your own mind is a beautiful thing that not every human gets to experience. Decide to be one of them. This will be more helpful than any teacher, counselor or mentor you ever meet.

Do your research, listen to other people’s ibogaine stories and most importantly – Don’t forget to hone your awareness.


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