Are you a communication kindergardener?

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Hopefully you’re a communication master, but if you aren’t get on it. It’s time to become one. Let your ibogaine therapy be a catalyst for this change to occur!

I heard a great quote recently, which I’ve been thinking about a lot.

This is it:

“The problem you can’t talk about

…is now two problems.”

Seth Godin

This is profound and so so true.

Have you ever experienced this? I know I have.

There have been a number of times recently in my personal life where there’s been a series of things that “can’t be talked about”. This was a stipulation made my someone else. And like the quote suggests, there’s now not just the original problem, but the problem of communication being cut off around certain topics.

This is a fast way to wreck a relationship and is a formula for disconnection, pain and resentment.

Make sure you’re not the person that’s drawing lines in the sand saying, “I won’t talk about that”. It’s not the way to be.

You may have to learn a new skill and expand yourself, but this is really important.

Your long term success as a fulfilled human being relies on this.

Someone who is advanced in their ability to communicate can heal any wound and any relationship.

Iboga therapy is known for its positive lifestyle modification. Many people who have a drug and alcohol addiction undergo ibogaine treatment, and most of them say the best things they got after taking the therapy in a clinic is the concept of repairing relationships.

During Ibogaine therapy it’s common to see where relationships have been damaged and could use some repair. By adopting this idea, you can regain the trust and openness that has been lost through the years of drug uses.

It takes courage. Sometimes it takes fierceness and always takes an open heart.

Make it a goal in your life to to be of the mindset that you can handle any conversation with anyone at anytime. Be open to feedback and energetically invite others to get and stay “clear” with you.

Now, not everyone will have the courage to come to you and work things out. But be determined to be the person that people can bring anything up to. Be the person willing to resolve grievances and open to change and growth.

This is essential for long term recovery and healthy living.

Ibogaine therapy is an amazing thing. It gets us “clear” and unwinds a lot of behaviors and mindsets that don’t serve us. It is really effective and it shows the way and teaches us how to be exceptional people.

But for most of us we’re also shown areas where we haven’t been honorable. Places where we’ve caused hurt.

Once we know about these things, it’s our job to go straight in and work these out.

Have the courage to start going in and fixing these areas.

Do not be a person who says, or postures “we can’t talk about that”. You will only be causing harm if you do.

Harm within yourself. And harm in your relationships with others.

I leave you with a few ideas that I hope can jump start you being a communication master:

  • look into the Non-Violent Communication book as well as the classes.
  • consider the concept of “radical honesty”, it’s pretty self explanatory, but look it up online.
  • ponder this: “the biggest show of compassion is communicating in a manner that does not create Fear.”
  • be focused always on Truth, with a capital T.

Be courageous, do this for yourself, do this for your people.


Peace to you my brothers and sisters.


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