Heroin, we all know it’s a problem, now there’s a solution.

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Problem: Heroin

Solution: Ibogaine therapy for drug addiction.

As you know, heroin will ruin your life; it has been doing so for decades for millions (of people). It’s one of the worst drugs out there because it tears lives apart and consumes its users and shatters their lives. While some of those who use heroin (and other opiates) have found freedom with Ibogaine therapy for drug addiction, it’s still plaguing our society and killing our loved ones.

In fact, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse in 2011, 4.2 million Americans aged 12 years and above had tried heroin at least once. Out of that 4.2 mil, 23% became hooked to the substance.

Typical usage is through IV injection, smoking (free base), and snorting it. H is so powerful and has such a strong grasp on those who try it, even just a few times. Due to its strength and allure (for a short while it can actually create a euphoric effect) those who use it can be hopelessly addicted in as little as a week. This means unbearable cravings and withdrawals if the user runs out.

When someone get’s to this point, the point of addiction, the user is so absorbed by heroin that nothing else matters. You know. You may be already here. You’re reading this article because either you or someone you love is at this point. You’ve probably stopped finding joy in spending time with family or friends and don’t even know what you like to do for fun anymore.

Your entire life is consumed and it can be daunting to meet the new day. Because this means another cycle of score…use…nod…repeat.

Addiction can take toll on people’s lives

The reality is that addiction has disastrous consequences, both social and financial. The cost of addiction can have long-lasting effects on every person that the addict touches or interacts with. Families are often torn apart and relationships destroyed. Addicts do things that they would never normally do. All of this is in the name of the drug of choice, in this case, heroin.

Users will continue to consume in the hope that they will feel that euphoria that they felt the first time. The bad joke is though, that it’s not possible. Chasing the high is common, and after the first time or two, is basically impossible to feel that same incredible feeling again. So something that started off as pleasurable, quickly turns into a huge drain mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually. Soon the chain is too strong to break and it’s impossible to stop. The cravings and withdrawals are too strong.

The longer one uses, the more their tolerance increases, the more drugs the need to use and the more it costs.The financial burden can get so tough that it can ruin your financial status. Often this leads to stealing from friends, family and strangers. This leads to broken relationships and legal trouble.

Remember, the costs of addiction are insidious, and this makes it difficult to realize the damaging financial impact of an addiction to those that are using drugs.

According to a report from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), hardcore drug addictions can cost 50% of one’s income at poverty level.

Other costs from addiction include:

  • Failure to secure employment because of not finishing college or graduating high school
  • High medical expenses resulting from various health problems
  • Increased insurance costs. For example, health and life insurance
  • Loss of life
  • Domestic violence
  • Loss of important relationships
  • Loss of pride

Then what is the solution?

Your best bet is Ibogaine therapy for drug addiction, but this treatment can only be initiated if the user is willing to cooperate. Assuming that they are, it’s the most effective option available for heroin addiction cessation.

There’s hope

There’s hope because there’s a way out of the cycle of addiction. And that happens through Ibogaine therapy

Ibogaine is an alternative treatment for substance addiction that has been recognized as a compound that can significantly reduce the symptoms of opiate withdrawals. Ibogaine has the capability of interrupting and repairing the brain pathways that have been accustomed to heroin and keeps the person taking ibogaine from feeling any cravings or withdrawals.

A full dose of ibogaine eliminates substance related cravings and withdrawals within 20 minutes of taking it.

This is how it works:

  1. It eliminates the symptoms of drug withdrawal
  2. It eliminates drug cravings
  3. Helps the user understand and stop their drug usage behaviors by helping them understand the root cause of the addiction and then facilitating the release of the emotions that are keeping them stuck in this behavior.

For this reason, Ibogaine therapy for drug addiction is highly recommended for heroin addicts.

Ibogaine is able to reset the dopamine uptake pathways in the user’s brain and stops conditioned responses to heroin. It is also believed that it has the ability to change habitual thought patterns and restore normal levels of neurochemistry to the proper balanced state.

Ibogaine’s visionary qualities help people uncover the cause of addiction and allow them to finally be free. The psychological healing is the best part of Ibogaine. The dream-state that retreat participants experience under ibogaine may involve replays of the following:

  1. Life events
  2. People that the addict has associated with
  3. Reasons and causes of addiction
  4. Trauma
  5. Events that have led to the addiction

Don’t let this scare you. Seeing these people and events helps to emotionally release them. This allows users to end up finding answers to questions about their lives and themselves. They also gain a deeper understanding of their place in the world. A new sense of self and a new way of life are important starting points for people looking to turn their lives around. Looking at these qualities go hand in hand with ending addiction for good. It really is the best, most juicy, most effective part.

And it’s cheaper

As someone addicted to drugs, you have the power to make a decision on what is best for you. Keep in mind that Ibogaine therapy for drug addiction is less expensive compared to standard addiction treatments – especially when you consider that they rairly work long term, which means continued spending of substances as well as loss of face for going back to using. The actually cost as well as the social cost of ibogaine is far far cheaper than continuing to use.

Since the cost of drugs is very high compared to getting your life back with ibogaine, resorting to iboga (ibogaine)  will make it simpler, faster and less costly to end this cycle for good. Compared to traditional rehabilitation centers, ibogaine has a higher success rate and gives you the option of choosing what type of results you want and where you want the ibogaine therapy. Therefore, going the Ibogaine route is a worthy investment. It is an investment in your future and the future of your family.

Also, keep in mind that while you may turn to rehabilitation centers to provide you with other types of treatment, some may end up replacing your addiction with another. These centers use prescription medications designed to treat particular addictions, and those medications often have severe side effects (like suboxone and methadone – both highly addictive and typically considered something that you’ll have to take for your entire life).

Get help

Our team has been hand-picked and is comprised of great humans who are passionate about working with people who are ready to take ibogaine. The team works together to conduct healing sessions using different plant medicines and are committed to giving you the best Ibogaine therapy for drug addiction.

In fact, those you will be interacting with at The Sunrise Center will be your friends during the ibogaine experience. The team cares deeply about spreading light and helping other humans free themselves from bondage. We are much more than a retreat center, we are a family and we promise to give you the best care possible.

As our guest, you can trust us to help you through this transition in your life. We are dedicated to giving you our best to guide you through your treatment experience. Finding a retreat center that understands your needs and provides you with a pleasant and successful treatment experience is a gift, so get in touch with us if you have questions. We’d love to help!


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