Things to do to prepare for Ibogaine therapy.

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Preparing for your Ibogaine therapy experience.

Ibogaine therapy, also known as ibogaine treatment, ibogaine retreat and iboga therapy are all virtually the same thing. The vocabulary used tells you some about the way the ibogaine therapy provider views the work they do, but the differences are nuanced.

So, no matter which one you’re about to participate in, this information applies to you. This is not exhaustive, but it is the basics of the best and effective ways you can prepare for your retreat.

Take care of your body.

If you take a little care before you arrive to your iboga retreat, it will help you recover faster and have an easier time during ibogaine. Help your body be able to process the ibogaine and be strong by drinking coconut water and by eating whole foods before you arrive.

By getting hydrated with coconut water, you’ll be full of electrolytes and micro nutrients which will help you have stamina for the 36 hour process. Likewise, when you eat nutritious food, you’ll be fortified to have the endurance you need for your retreat and wellness.

Try not to binge out.

When going into ibogaine therapy or any detox program many people are prone to use heavier than ever. They know that they’ll leave free of addiction and are in a way saying “goodbye” to the drug and substance that they have this long term relationship with and which in some way’s has become a friend. For many people it’s bitter sweet. That being said, if you can, try to cut back or at least not use more than normal before your retreat.

These keeps you having as little toxins in your as possible. The less there is in you body, the better. We know this is hard, so just try.

Get some exercise.

Even if all you can do is go for a walk around the block, getting your body moving and blood flowing will benefit you greatly and help the ibogaine find it’s effects into all the little corners of your body.

Set your intention.

The spirit of Ibogaine responds very well to requests. If you come prepared with exactly what you’re looking to get, the plant will deliver. Simple clear intentions are best, try and refine it down to one sentence.

Learn the safety basics.

Ibogaine is safe if you’re working with providers who know what they’re doing and if you follow the very few rules. Learn them.

Plan your re-integration.

What’s your plan for when you get back home? How are you going to change your daily habits to help you stay free? Ibogaine therapy will take care of the cravings and withdrawals, but you have to do some work on your habits. Considered the ideas about how life can be restructured when you head back home, so you don’t get stuck in the same routine as before you left.

As you know ibogaine clinics and centers are always open to give treatment for those people who wants to restart a healthy and clean lifestyle so if you haven’t already, get in touch.


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