Ibogaine treatment centers cost less than rehab and are more effective.

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It’s true, Ibogaine is much much more effective than traditional rehab and detox.

Rehab just doesn’t cut it.

How do I know this is true? Statistics show this, I’ve seen it with my own eyes and guests tell us.

Typical rehab or detoxes don’t have the ability to end your withdrawal symptoms, cravings and drug addictions, so most people end up relapsing very soon after they get out. Because the drug and substance addiction hasn’t ended, instead it’s still very very active. This leads to needing to go to another rehab treatment program of some kind over and over again.

Relapsing like this isn’t only discouraging and disheartening, but it’s just straight up expensive and dangerous. You might be able to pay for some of the therapeutic programs with insurance, but a lot of the time you can’t. Especially when dealing with some of the bigger, nicer more appealing detoxes.

This cycle of relapse get’s out of control fast.

Not only with substance use, but financially. When you add up the time, cash, additional substances that are used because of relapse and cost of the detox facility the numbers are so high. We’ve had many guests tell us that they’ve spent well over 100k on rehab centers over the years, then another 50 or 100k on drugs per year.

And for what? For something that doesn’t even help with the cravings or withdrawals after the treatment program. You might kick and be “clean” when you leave, but the urge to use is still so great, so relapsing is almost a certainty. Ideally, you’d be able to take ibogaine before you go through this long road of relapsing/detox attempts. If you do, you can skip over all the rest. Ibogaine treatment centers cost so much less than rehab facility. For a few thousand dollars you can be done with your drug addictions, withdrawal and cravings for good.

You can skip the time, cash and pain of all of this.

Ibogaine works. It really will end your cravings, end your withdrawal and give you a chance to change your life for good. Total recovery is what this ibogaine treatment can give you. This is such an amazing process and I witness it all the time. I’m here to tell you I see people with hardcore addiction recover from them with ibogaine every week. It truly is amazing.

If you’re serious about ending your drug addictions, you must get yourself to an ibogaine center as soon as you can. You have your life waiting ahead of you, get this addiction and withdrawal taken care of so you can start living and recover fully.

Give us a call: 1-888-66-IBOGA


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  • Melissa Farrans

    Good Afternoon,

    I would like some general on the treatment program including how long the program is, the cost, and what it includes.

    Thank you,

    • Haley

      Hi Melissa, did you get my email? I’d be happy to talk about details with you. Let’s try to connect via phone or email.

      Haley@IbogaineMexico.com or 1-888-66-IBOGA

  • David collins

    What all treatments do you offer? San pedro,ayahuasca,iboga?

    • Haley

      Hi David,

      We primarily offer Ibogaine and Kambo. But also have Ayahuasca and sometimes other plant medicines available to you.

  • John Barrett

    What is the cost of treatment please.
    Thank you.

    John Barrett
    Nashville, TN

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