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Ibogaine Treatment Centers – in Mexico…

Are you looking for a safe iboga detox clinic nearby or with Mexico? Do you really want to modify your lifestyle and get the best ibogaine treatment in town?

So, as you’ve probably seen, there are a few different locations in the world where you can receive Ibogaine treatment. But, Ibogaine treatment centers in Mexico are going to be the easiest to get to for most Americans. And, I guess I’m assuming you are an American, or live somewhere near the US. This isn’t true for everyone who comes to visit us, but it is for most of our guests.

Why is it so easy to come to Mexico?

Well, it’s easy to come to Northern Baja in particular. The obvious reason is it’s proximity to a major airport in San Diego. This means that it will be relatively easy and inexpensive rehab location for those in the US (and in Canada) to get ibogaine treatment.

But there’s actually another very relevant reason: you don’t need a passport. Ibogaine treatment centers in Mexico that are in Northern Baja will drive you across the border from San Diego, and that’s the key thing that keeps you from needing a passport.

When you drive across the border, specifically into Northern Baja, Mexico does not check anyone’s ID’s. Because it’s such a tourist friendly place, they try to make it as easy for you as they can. They want Americans to come into the country and to spend money  for safe iboga therapy experience.

What about getting back up to the states?

This part is easy too. All you have to do is have a driver’s license (or other kind of government photo ID) and a social security card OR your birth certificate. If you have these two things, you’ll be set.

Sometime people say to me that they’re worried about getting stuck in Mexico. As long as you have the above ID, the US can verify you’re a citizen. Most of our guests go this route, so don’t worry, this will work. We’ve seen so many people come into and out of Mexico this way, that we’ completely confident in this process.


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    I’m interested in exploring the Ibogaine treatment for the clarity of mind from past negative life experiences and the cleansing of the body from toxins.

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