Ibogaine treatment and food go hand in hand

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Ibogaine treatment and food are married. Or they should be.

Before discussing why ibogaine treatment and food should go together, I will give you a brief idea about drug addictions and substance intoxication. Nothing is safe in the body if you have dependency on drugs and other toxic substances, thus your nutritional status is affected.

We all know that having addiction to certain drugs and toxic substances like heroin, an opiate, and cocaine, really have side effects on the body.  Addicts who used an opiate actually experience gastrointestinal problems. And alcohol is a  cause for nutritional deficiency in alot countries. Marijuana can increase appetite, thus many users may become overweight as they intake more fats, sugar, and calories.

However, there are rehab centers and clinics around the world who don’t even put emphasis on the nutritional balance of their clients. They focus more on giving them medical and pharmaceutical treatment instead.

So what’s the connection between ibogaine treatment and food?

Actually, what I am referring here is the “food detox therapy”. As some of you already know I believe in healing thyself with food detox therapy. This has been a leading force in my life and I stand by it fully. In my experience I have seen that before, during and after your iboga treatment you need to be eating the best food possible.

So this is the reason why, both ibogaine treatment and food detox therapy offer huge success in the iboga therapy program.

Getting nutrition handled before your ibogaine treatment might be overwhelming, so let’s just focus on during and after. During your detoxification or iboga therapy program you’re going to be deeply cleansing yourself and it’s important to be filling yourself back up with the most nutritious food possible. This helps you get your energy back and fully recover. Not only that, it will also keep your system free of toxic and harmful substance.

Crappy food contains toxins which leads to imbalances in the digestive tract as well as in the brain.

These toxins do have huge effects on the serotonin and dopamine output, affect your mood, cause achy joints, disrupt your gut flora. Since you’re going through all the trouble and expense to get your system functioning optimally, I say you should ride this out for all it’s worth and effective. Detoxification from heroin offers and awakening experience – especially when you do so with food and iboga.

It’s all about figuring out what you like to eat that’s healthy.

Take some time to get some recipe’s that work for you. Start with basics. You can begin with my “get phat” series of posts that has a few solid and easy food options. Also, check out this buffalo chili recipe, which is really great. It’ll be a good one for winter if you live somewhere that’s cold or dreary. The chili is comforting and will keep you nice and full. Make a big batch and put half of it in the freezer and keep the other half to eat now.

Making big batches of a recipe every few days is a good way to have a nice variety of food, without feeling like you’re always cooking. I like to have 5 or so lunch/dinner options in rotation at a time so that I don’t get too bored of any one thing.

Okay, remember, the idea is to get as much out of your ibogaine treatment as possible.

You want to maximize the benefits to keep yourself healthy and strong for the long term holistic recovery. A perfect and effective way to do this is by taking your food therapy program seriously. Think about how you can improve, find some recipes and make your life as much as beautiful as before. In fact, you can have your own food therapy and wellness program. You can always email me for ideas if you don’t know what to eat.


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