Ibogaine treatment for addiction saved these peoples lives.

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These are real Ibogaine treatment participants… no actors here.

You’ll be able to tell these are real once you watch, an actor couldn’t capture the essence of addiction so well.

I know you don’t want me to tell you how incredible this all is. How do you know you can believe me? Other than taking my word for it – you can’t know for sure.

Hear it from our guest’s own mouths instead. You can watch the videos or read the transcripts of the videos below. Either way, the information is the same.

Each one of these beautiful individuals was hopelessly addicted. These aren’t my words, this is how they described it. They’ve tried everything and Ibogaine treatment for addiction specifically, was the catalyst for true change.

I’ve personally talked with each one of these people since they left and they’re doing amazingly. No more drugs, no more cravings. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. They feel inspired, hopeful and like they can thrive in their life circumstance. Wow. What great news to hear on my end.

This is Igor’s story:

Hello, my name’s Igor.

Umm, I’ve been doing. I”m 3o years old, about to be 31. I started doing drugs when I was about 13 years old- smoking weed. About 15 years I tried cocaine. I’ve done everything under the sun. I’ve done everything that you could imagine. Um.

I got into a car accident, they gave me pain medication. Within about about a week I stared abusing it. It all went down hill from there. Umm, the past ten years of my life have been hell. This is very hard for me to explain what I wen through here today, ah this week.

I did a lot of research about Ibogaine, and um i couldn’t believe that there’s something possible that it could change someones life. Imagine ten years shooting up everyday. Shooting drugs. Shooting heroin, shooting cocaine, putting pills. Smoking, smoking stuff and doing so much different things.

And, when, when I came here. When I flew to San Diego and met these beautiful people over here, I met Haley – she was an amazing person. When I got to the house over here, Issac – amazing, amazing guy…big heart. Everyone that works here have a big heart. Everyone is so attentive and they help you with everything. They make you feel so comfortable when you get here and I couldn’t believe that I’ve been living ten years in hell. Struggling, the only thing in my mind that I could think about is how to get more drugs. Drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs. I’m a computer programer. I make a lot of money and I’ve been a millionaire maybe ten times over. Imagine how much stuff I could have accomplished in my life. I could have retired when I was 25 years old and I’m 31 and I’m gonna start all over now.

They way i feel now has been, ahh, what about 6 days already and I haven’t had no craving for any kind of drug. Ahh, it’s just, it’s a miracle. It’s something that anybody who has the means to do something like this, you need you need, you need to try this. If you do decide to do this, the people here, they’ll take care of you, they’ll be behind you, they’ll bring you everything you need. They, they’re so perfect. I feel, I feel like they’re family.

***Can you feel the conviction of Igor’s words? What a passionate man. Don’t you just love that smile at the end of the video, now that’s someone who been through a transformation. When he arrived he looked completely different and could barely talk coherently. Incredible.***

This is Kyle’s story:

Yeah, my name is Kyle Heutz, I came here to get off opiates. It took a year before I could get off of them. I came here and they gave me the ibogaine and it worked. It worked very good. I have no withdrawals, nothing like that.

Cravings are way down, um I feel like there’s very low chance I will relapse after leaving here. I’ve been through other rehabs that when I got out it…you go back in a few months. But yeah, this works, I would recommend it over anything else.

***Kyle’s a young guy, but has been through a lot. It shows a lot of courage to do this kind of work.***

This is Arson’s story:

Hello, my name is Arson. I am originally from Los Angelas. I am here because I have a ten year history using, umm, opiates. Specifically black tar heroin. I have been through every type of cure, every type of detox. Tried it cold turkey. I ah, then took the ibogaine route, ayahuasca rout. ten years past and I’m still. I was still was a user.

Came down to making a final decision. I did research, since i have experience with ibogaine and I found Sunrise. And ah, their program really intrigued me. How they provide aftercare. Which is my downfall of relapsing.

I arrived at Sunrise and ah, from the very moment I felt like family. Zunia and Abraham, Isaac, Hector. Everybody is so attentive during my worst.

Treatments- going through Kambo, going through Iboga. I never felt like I was alone, I never felt like I was abandoned. It was constant care no matter how bad things got.

I honestly believe they saved my life.

This is my 5th day here I think. I’ve lost track of time and I have no pains, I have no withdrawals, I have no cravings. naturally I’m tired. I have gone through the ringer, but this is what it takes.

If you want to get cleaned up – and I know the misery of addiction. I know the endless methadone clinic, I know the endless relapses. I know the guilt and shame.

Do yourself a favor, come to Sunrise. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Come to Sunrise.

These people will take care of you, just like your family – even better, because they know what they’re doing.

Watch more videos:

These videos and more are on our testimonial page. It’s worth giving these a watch too, because everyone’s situation is different and you might relate better to someone else than you did these three.

Then make up your own mind. Is ibogaine treatment for addiction right for you? If you need help figuring that out, give me a call. I’d love to help you brainstorm and explore if this route is the way your should head.


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