Is there a place to get ibogaine treatment in Canada?

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There are Ibogaine treatment centers in Canada.

And they’re probably good centers. I don’t know first hand though.

Yet, it’s unclear if it’s legal.

The thing is, it’s a bit ambiguous as to whether or not ibogaine is legal to provide and consume these days in Canada. Health Canada has gotten very strict and become a bur in people’s sides. I’ve even heard of some crack downs, i.e. raids, happening in the ibogaine community up North.

It’s possible things have loosened up though now that they have a new prime minister. As we all know, Canada has long been a progressive country, especially when it come to substances that expand the mind and I hope they keep this reputation. People need to legally be able to get ibogaine treatment in Canada.

There’s no doubt ibogaine can and is helping a lot of people and there needs to be more countries that give it the thumbs up. And it needs to be definitive. People need to feel safe providing and taking this incredible master plant. There needs to be many more full scale clinics operating out in the open, so that people can get the help that they need.

Addiction is a huge problem.

Governments around the world, certainly in the United States, are discovering that there’s a major addiction problem going on. It’s huge. Like so huge no one knows what to do about it. People are dropping like flies from overdoses everyday. It’s happening in my home town and in yours.

It’s truly an epidemic on the grandest scale. People are asking, “what do we do, what do we do?” Well, ibogaine is “what we do”. Ibogaine is the thing that can save the kids, husbands, mothers and loved ones of us all.

Ibogaine therapy is what we need to do. It’s the best and most effective treatment around. I only hope that the governments of the world will realize and accept this soon. And once they do, my wish is for them to make it easier for ibogaine to reach the people.


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  • steven wilson

    i AM ALCOHOLIC FOR many YEARS but can wean…—Its my terrible!!!!!! OCD-DEPRESSION-B-POLAR I NEED HELP WITH…….OCD is killing me……I need help…Can you help that specific mental illness???? Thank you…. SRW

    • Haley

      Hi Steven, I just gave you a call. Ibogaine is a life changer for alcoholics as well as for people dealing with OCD. I’ve seen so many people change their lives over the 6 day retreat. Give me a call back so we can talk about this more in depth.

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