How Can Ibogaine Treatment Help You Get Your Life Back?

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Let’s face it. You are an addict.

Whether you do crack, cocaine, heroin or methamphetamine, if most of your activities revolve around finding drugs and using, you have a serious problem. You might be failing in school or have a hard time with keeping a job. Opiate addiction is an issue that affects 2.1 million people in the U.S. from all walks of life. It’s time to get this taken care of for good! You might have tried to quit before and might even have checked yourself into rehab. Getting over drug addiction is not easy, but ibogaine treatment could be a game changer for you.

What Is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine is an alkaloid that is extracted from a plant known as Tabernanthe Iboga. This plant grows in Central West Africa and has been used in ceremonies and rites of passage for centuries. It has been used since the 1960s to help with opiate addiction. Addicts have been able to use Ibogaine to get over addictions to heroin, cocaine, crack, methamphetamines, prescription pills and alcohol as well.

How Does Ibogaine Work?

Going through opiate detoxification is a terrible experience. You know how difficult going through withdrawal is if you have been to rehab before. There are high relapse rates because withdrawal is tough, both mentally and physically. Ibogaine treatment helps you go through withdrawal by restoring your brain chemistry. Ibogaine will attach itself on the opiate receptors in your brain and make the withdrawal symptoms disappear. Your brain chemistry will be restored to healthier pre-drug use state and you won’t experience cravings anymore. Ibogaine treatment can free you from chemical dependency, which is not something you can achieve with other addiction treatments that merely replace heroin with prescription pills.

Can Ibogaine Really Save Your Life?

Many drug users have successfully been through Ibogaine treatment and have been able to reclaim their lives. You will no longer think about using and won’t experience withdrawal. You won’t suffer from depression and will be able to focus on rebuilding your life. Depending on your situation, you should consider staying at a retreat center for a while so you can focus on healing or at least attend therapy sessions to get help with moving forward after going through the Ibogaine treatment.

What Is It Like To use Ibogaine?

Taking Ibogaine is really a unique experience and you need to know what to expect. You will go through three phases after taking this substance. Going through these phases is beneficial and will help you get your life back:

– The first phase typically lasts for eight hours. The Ibogaine attaches itself to your opiate receptors and the physical symptoms associated with withdrawal will disappear.

– The second phase is often referred to as the waking dream state and can last anywhere between 24 and 36 hours. You will gain access to some old memories and will be able to think about your past and your experiences more clearly. Some of your old memories might be traumatic and linked to your drug use. You will get a chance to explore these experience, understand them and accept them. You need to go through this to be able to move on with your life. This phase is really about getting to know yourself and understanding the pain you have been experiencing.

– The third phase is about introspection and will last for days. You will think back on what happened during the second phase and focus on healing. You should be prepared to experience a lot of emotions, some of which you might have been repressing for many years. You need to go through this to get a fresh start in life. You will get a chance to forgive yourself and those who hurt you. This can be an exhausting experience but it will help you become free from drug addiction and from bad experiences.

How Can You Receive This Treatment?

Some retreat centers offer an approach that is based on an initiation ritual or on a ceremony. Other retreat centers take a more medical approach. Ibogaine will work the same and you will benefit from this treatment regardless of the approach you choose. But you need to ask yourself what kind of experience you want to have while you receive this treatment. A more traditional approach can be an interesting choice because the ceremony will really prepare you for the emotions you will experience as you go through the treatment.

Why Choose Ibogaine Treatment Over Other Options?

Other treatment options typically rely on the use of prescription pills to help you deal with withdrawal symptoms. You will be more likely to go back to using if you are experiencing these symptoms or might switch to using prescription pills instead. Dealing with physical symptoms is hard and you really need to have a strong will to focus on rebuilding your life while you deal with these symptoms and think about going back to using. Invest in Ibogaine treatment and start saving all the money you’ve been spending on drugs. You can stay in a retreat center for a while, get cleansed and work on improving yourself and rebuilding your life without experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

What Happens After The Treatment?

Going through the introspection phase will help you figure out what you should do next. You will probably have more work to do on yourself to deal with traumatic events from the past or to repair relationships with relatives and friends. You might decide to go through therapy to deal with some of your negative emotions and experiences and develop new coping mechanisms. You might decide to spend some time volunteering to acquire new skills and do something positive or set some new goals such as finishing your education, completing a personal project or finding a new career. You will be amazed by what you can accomplish once your focus is no longer on using!

Taking Ibogaine is a treatment option you should consider because it will restore your brain chemistry and you won’t have to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. This experience will also help you understand why you turned to drugs and you will finally be able to address these negative experiences and emotions so you can move forward and build a happier and healthier life.



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  • Whit

    Hi there! I was treated with ibogaine in 2013 and it was the most amazing Spiritual Awakening treatment I’ve ever done and I stay clean for a good year. Relapse is my biggest problem. It’s so simple for me to relapse and doing the ibogaine is the longest I’ve ever stayed clean. Unfortunately I relapsed after a year and I did the treatment again but it did not work at all the second time… I wasn’t given enough as the facilitator told me he wasn’t giving me as much because I didn’t need as much this time… I want to get this done one last time again desperately but I am terrified it’s not going to work like the second time

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