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The time after your ibogaine treatment is just as important as your time at the rehab center.

You’re going to leave feeling amazing and your life is going to be on a fast spiral upwards. Making the most of the time right when you arrive back home after your detoxification and ibogaine treatment session, is a good way to set yourself up for long term recovery success. It’s a great time to implement new habits and to design your new lifestyle and wellness. Eventually, you will feel liberty from drug and substance addictions.

Don’t make the mistake of going back into the exact same setting as when you were using. This leads to relapse due to boredom and habit.

You’ll feel so good from your ibogaine treatment program and using this therapeutic momentum to restructure your daily life will help you advance far very quickly in your holistic health. So how do you “use the momentum?” What does that actually mean? Well, in this article it means adding things to your daily schedule that are life giving, awakening, and effective in maintaining what you got from ibogaine treatment program.

A good place to start is with a self care routine or ritual, as I like to refer to it.

Here are a few ideas of things to implement as soon as possible after you arrive back home after your ibogaine treatment and rehab program, if not now.

In the morning:

  • Write your goals everyday right when you wake up.
  • Drink a big glass of water-none of us get enough and you’re actively dehydrating while you sleep.
  • Get some exercise-the more vigorous the better for at least 20 minutes.
  • Read something inspiring and therapeutic in your field of study ideally for an hour.
  • Eat affordable but healthy meal that’s light and easy to digest.

In the evening (instead of zoning out to TV):

  • Make yourself some healthy meals and side dishes.
  • Do something creative like make music, write, learn something.
  • Read a book-expanding your mind is inspirational and motivating.
  • Go to bed with plenty of time to get 8 hours of sleep and your new morning habits.

If these ideas are new to you, I recommend that you implement these therapeutic tasks just one at a time. A teacher of mine says it takes 30 days to create a habit. So add one thing from the list every thirty days, until you have all of these in your life.

Once everything is added you’re going to have a beautiful and positive morning ritual and a rejuvenating evening ritual. Combine this with the inspiration and excitement you’ll be feeling after you have been treated with ibogaine treatment program and you’re life is going to be brand new. You’ll be having an unrecognizable experience from what you were before signing up for Ibogaine treatment and rehab program.

Make the most of it.

Be well my friends, I’ll talk to you soon.




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