Ibogaine treatment reviews and testimonials.

Anyone have some ibogaine reviews and testimonials I can look at?

There’s plenty of ’em out there. But I’m going to share one of the written ibogaine treatment reviews we received from a past guest of ours.

You’ll find it below:

Hello Mark and Haley,

Hope you two are well and your holidays were great. I’m still feeling fantastic; everyone’s pretty stunned at how amazing I look and sound. The future, for the first time in so long, is very bright.

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After suffering for several years from opiate, suboxone and alcohol addiction I forced myself to take a rather terrifying leap and seek ibogaine treatment. Fortunately, Mark and Haley at the Sunrise Center and the Ibogaine, turned out to be a true godsend. The experience was intensely powerful but my hosts were there every step of the way; their knowledgable sympathetic attention, in their beautiful non-clinical location (right next to the ocean in a quaint, safe, little Mexican town) was nothing short of fantastic. As for the ibogaine, it truly is a wondrous plant. It’s healing properties for addicts are undeniable and unbelievable. I was stunned at how great I felt after only a few days following the treatment, and I have continued to feel physically and psychologically stellar, finally substance free! Cravings are virtually non-existent as are withdrawal symptoms. I am forever indebted to Mark and Haley and would strongly recommend anyone struggling with opiate or alcohol addiction to pick up the phone, call Mark and get the healing process started.

Joshua V. Milwaukee, WI

This is a completely real testimonial that was entirely unprompted. We got this out of the blue one day in our email from Josh. You can see a copy of the email he sent on our Testimonials page.

This could be you.


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