Ibogaine treatment success rate vs. failure rate

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An interesting and worthy topic, Ibogaine treatment success rate.

As with other concepts, like ibogaine treatment cost, you will get different answers from different people. Some people will say the success rate is this, some people will say it’s that.

This is due to a few things, let’s explore them:

More effective ibogaine treatments

How could this be? Ibogaine is ibogaine, right?


Some rehab centers actually provide a better and more effective ibogaine treatment than others, which heightens the success rates. What makes it better? A few things. The strength and quality of the ibogaine substance being used is a huge one. There are different ibogaine products and some are better than others.

Also, the environment in which the treatment program is being conducted is super important. Meaning, how many people are being treated at once, is there an overall low stress atmosphere, how friendly and compassionate are the caregivers, how knowledgeable and experienced are the ibogaine providers. Do you receive emotional support during the treatment course? Are you being fed organic highly nutritious meals? Is the rehab clinic passionate about your success? Are there other amenities like massages available?

After care plan

This is an important one as well.

Aftercare is pretty self explanatory. What’s your plan for when you return home? Ibogaine is very successful at stopping drug withdrawal and cravings. The thing it can’t do for you is change your environment. It’s so incredibly important to have a aftercare plan for how life will look when you get back to your familiar surroundings without addiction. We’ve found that the people who are successful long term understand this and take action.

What does taking action look like?

For some people it means moving towns. Changing jobs. Changing phone numbers and getting a new phone so they don’t still have the numbers of their connects. It looks like crowding out your time with beneficial activities like yoga, support groups, counseling, learning a skill, going to meetup.com groups, taking meditation classes and reigniting your passions that have been laying dormant. It can mean so many things. But it never means going back to the same situation you were in when you were using. Change is essential.

Personal Determination

Another thing that very directly affects the ibogaine treatment success rate is how ready someone is to quit. We’ve found that the older someone is and the more times they’ve tried to kick (in or out of rehab) the more successful someone will be. The more someone has to loose, the more serious they take it, the more effective ibogaine is for them. The readiness of the individual is absolutely paramount to the ibogaine treatment success rate.

Additional medicines being involved

A final factor that we’ve seen be a major contributor to ibogaine treatment success rate is the use of kambo and ayahuasca in addition to ibogaine. These two play a major role in the ibogaine therapeutic process. Kambo cleans the system and does the heavy lifting before taking ibogaine. While ayahuasca is taken after and provides vision for the future and inspiration on what can be.

Kambo, ibogaine, then ayahuasca (or sometimes other plants),  is a power trio in our experience in treating patients who are in our rehab clinic. Therefore, ibogaine treatment success rate really depends on what type of treatment fits on your needs and how determine you pursue the program and even the aftercare plan.


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