Ibogaine treatment centers have an obligation.

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The ibogaine treatment centers have an obligation.

To what?

It really should say, “to who?”

To you.

To give you everything they got. To not hold back, to use every resource they can to help you meet your goals in this crossroads of recovery and wellness. All ibogaine treatment centers must do this, or they aren’t worth it.

What does this look like?

Food detox, nutrition, counseling, the proper pre-ibogaine screening, full disclosure about what the risks are with ibogaine, what Ibogaine can and can’t do, ibogaine success rates, substance counseling and sharing their own experiences with ibogaine. Ideally, they’d offer other therapies as well and an extended stay option to help with reintegration.

How do you know if they’re going to give it all they got?

I suggest to read the article I wrote a few months ago about what to look for when considering rehab treatment from any ibogaine clinic. It gives you a good list of questions you can ask to any ibogaine treatment centers you’re considering working with. This is because it is important so you know what kinds of therapy programs they offer to you.

What can Ibogaine do?

Ibogaine is one of the most powerful plants on the planet. It not only helps in stopping drug addiction, but also all kinds of body ailments, depression, PTSD, psychological conditions, eating disorders, sugar fetishes, helps those who take it find their path in life, unwinds the grip of trauma, may have some positive affects of lupis and lyme disease. I think this list could go on and on.

Each person who goes through a ibogaine treatment program has their individual experience. But, these are some of the things we’ve seen people get relief from.

It’s the obligation of each ibogaine clinic and iboga facility to give the patients everything they’ve got, so you get the most out of your experience that you can. Do your research, find the right rehab center for you that is safe and effective, then make it happen!


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