Ibogaine is an effective kick start for your future awesomeness!

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Ibogaine is an effective kick start…



Ibogaine treatment is considered to be the best therapy for those people who are hooked by alcohol intoxication, drug and substance abuse, and any other form of addiction. Also, Iboga and ibogaine have been used as alternative therapy to get off prescribed drugs by medical doctors. Iboga contains psychoactive substance that helps in spiritual exploration and psychological introspection.

Iboga treatment has been used around the world. People experience wellness and addiction cure after going into an iboga detox program. Ibogaine clinics and centers are starting to gain reputation and build their clientele because of the positive effects they get from this therapy.

Therefore, as proven by many, an individual can stop drug and substance addiction through an ibogaine treatment rehab program.

Let’s talk about your goals that we’ve discuss recently. These are a powerful tool to get you where you want to go subconsciously.

The way it’s been described to me, is that you’re mind likes to have closed loops and congruency. So when you’re writing your goals daily in the format we talked about (in the present and with zero words like “no” and “not”), your brain actually works on solving the equation of how to make the goal true.

It’s time to go one step further.

A goal’s list is a profound step in getting what you want out of life, but if you just knew, there is something more about it.

It’s time to create your vision board.

Before or after enrolling yourself to any ibogaine treatment centers or even to any rehab detox, I recommend you go through your list of goals and then find a photo that corresponds to  each of them on google. Put this photo into a folder on your desktop named “vision board”. When you’ve gathered all your photos open up a photo collage program or even just a word processor like pages or word.

Then use all your photos to create a collage. When you’re done you can print it out and tape it to your wall. I have mine as the desktop on my computer.

Having this visual reminder of your goals just enhances the process of making all your goals come true.

Based on my experience, within a few weeks of making my vision board I had already completed a few of my goals. It’s a seriously powerful tool. You can create a new one if your goals change or get completed.

The photo attached to this post is actually my current vision board. This goal setting process and vision board creation that I’ve shared with you is something that Mark and I do regularly. We go over our goals together, help each other refine them, then create vision boards to manifest it all into reality.

Whether you do this before or after your ibogaine treatment doesn’t really matter, just make sure you do it!


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