Integrity thru ibogaine.

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Ibogaine. Integrity.

When you’re thoughts, words and actions are congruent.

It’s a big topic.

And is a place to look deep within and to be honest. Be brutally honest. Doing so can only create benefit.

As discussed in the previous articles in this site, substance abuse and drug addiction are two things that people say ibogaine treatment can cure. They take it to stop the addiction and the withdrawal effects they are experiencing especially for those people who take heroin and other opiates. Many treatment centers today help these patients to restart a life away from these harmful substances by introducing them into iboga detox therapy.

So back to the topic, what does ibogaine and iboga have to do with integrity?

After choosing ibogaine treatment, you’ll have learned a lot. You’ll also be in the clearest place you’ve been in a long time, maybe ever. Taking stock is forthcoming during this time. You can “see” and are strong.

What better place to be making changes from.

Look within and ask yourself, “where am I out of integrity? Where are my thoughts, words and actions not meeting up?”

“Where am I incongruent?”

Some things will be obvious and come to mind right away. Those are the easy ones.

I encourage you to look further.

Keep looking until you find yourself getting really squirmy and uncomfortable. This is where the really powerful stuff lies. This is where the goods are. This is where you give yourself the gift of growth.

Find those deeply hidden areas where you’re out of integrity and resolve them. Make whatever change needs to happen. Write down the steps you need to take to shore these discrepancies up and go to work on them right away. You are a few steps more to your new life.

You can do this….

Doing this kind of work is what it takes to be living in your potential and to have a fulfilled life.

Throw everything you have at this!



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