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How do I know which ibogaine treatment centers I should consider going to?

How do I know which iboga clinics are the best? Do these rehab and therapy centers offer the genuine type of iboga? Do they have professional ibogaine providers? Does their programs have positive stories among their previous clients?

We’re gonna go over that. Here’s a list of criteria you can follow to make sure you’re only talking to legit ibogaine treatment centers and experience the genuine ibogaine therapy program.

These things should be included:

  • Transportation to and from the airport in San Diego.
  • All meals, food and drink.
  • All costs of Ibogaine and any other medicines used.
  • A doctor present when taking Ibogaine.
  • An EKG.
  • Any other relevant blood work or test.
  • Outings to the local area.

These things should be available:

  • Anti-nausea medication.
  • Coconut water or electrolyte mix.
  • High nutrition meals.
  • Addiction and drug counseling.

These things are absolutes:

Be wary of:

  • Retreats being too low cost. 
  • Too many guests at the facility at once.
  • Staff that you can’t relate too and that can’t relate to you.
  • Centers who aren’t realistic with you when talking about ibogaine therapy success rates.
  • Overstated value/benefits of taking Ibogaine any one clinic.
  • Amenities that don’t exist.
  • Overly persistent sales.

Questions you can ask the places you’re considering going:

What the guests success rate for this ibogaine rehab clinic?

Has the staff taken ibogaine?

What’s the maximum number of people you have at a time?

Why should I work with you?

What’s the atmosphere like? clinical? Bed and Breakfast?

How many guests do you have at once?

Is there a doctor?

How far from the hospital is the ibogaine treatment center?

What activities are included?

Is it easy to get to?

Do you give me electrolytes?

Do you give me benedryl?

Make sure to do:

Research and make sure there aren’t any negative reviews online of any of the ibogaine treatment centers you’re interested in.



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  • Russell Rivera

    I am 35 yrs old and have been an addict since I was 16 yrs old. I started with marijuana and as I got older I graduated to heavy drugs. About 2 yrs ago I started to use heroin and it has destroyed my life. I put my self in a methadone maintenance program. I tried to detox from methadone but only ended up picking up heroin again and this time my habit escalated. So once again I am on methadone and I am afraid that I won’t be able to get out of this circle I’ve been running my entire adult life. I am in desperate need of your help to finally rid my mind,body and soul of this poison once and for all. I feel hopeless and fear that this is impossible. I want my life back….PLEASE HELP ME BEFORE IT IS TO LATE..

    • Haley

      Ah man. I’m feeling for you Russell. We can help you for sure. We help people with your level of addiction every week and I can tell you Ibogaine works. It is possible to rid your self of this habit and be free.

      Get back in touch with me so we can talk more about how to get you down here. Until then, BE SAFE.

  • Kevin lacrosse

    I have been opiate dependant for about 10 years. Doing at least a gram and a half a day. I have watched many of the testimonials, and the ibogaine treatment seems like the perfect fit for me. I have spent 100,000$ if not more on treatment and detoxes. Nothing has worked. I would really appreciate all the information I would need, and also, the soonest I could come there. Thank you. .

  • Allen

    I was wondering cost

  • adam parasiliti

    I want to do this within a month, but what is the cost and are there payment plans? My name is Adam and my cell is 419 559 7074. Thank you.

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