Ibogaine treatment, will it work?

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Let me bring you in on the not so secret secret about ibogaine treatment program.

YES. It will work!

Yes, it will end the withdrawals, the cravings and the psychological torment.

Yes, it will end your addiction, overnight.

Throughout my years as an Ibogaine treatment provider I’ve seen time after time peoples lives being changed. Seen people crawl back from the edge of the abyss and live ecstatic lives.

I’ve seen people who have kicked over and over again finally gain liberty from drug addiction after enrolling themselves to an ibogaine treatment program.

Not just free of dope, ice or depression. But really living. Doing things they forgot they loved to do.

Doing things like taking their kids on that big hike, growing their business to double the size, becoming an RN, going for a two week backpacking trip, writing poetry, walking their dogs and loving themselves.

Ibogaine works fast and it works really really well.

In fact, drug addiction rehab using ibogaine is far better than anything else out there. The numbers don’t lie. Programs like AA or NA are considered to be the most effective drug cessation options and their success rates tend to be about 10%. With ibogaine treatments it’s very different. Success rates with ibogaine range between 50-70% depending on where the therapy was done. That’s pretty good and significantly better than the 12 step options.

So why doesn’t it work for everybody? Why isn’t the success rate 100%?

It’s a fair question and an understandable one.

Ibogaine works miracles. It really does. It stops peoples addictions and withdrawals within minutes of taking it and makes any cravings go away too. It gives insight as to why someone has an addiction, but also helps to heal whatever caused the addiction in the first place.

It’s pretty full circle. One might even say miraculous.

But, (yes, there is a but). But, to be ultimately substance free, it’s essential to set yourself up for long term recovery success. You have to be thoughtful and deliberate.

You must take action to ensure long term success.

The people who stay off substances for good have done things like delete any drug related phone numbers from their cell phones, move to a new area or new town, get a new job, let go of non-beneficial love relationships. They ask for support from family and friends in rebuilding their life, start new hobbies, rekindle old friendships, take on recreational activities they have good memories of and other supportive, creative, life giving ways to spend time.

You should expect that after participating in an ibogaine treatment program you can plan to thrive on into the future with hopefulness, lightness, energy, positivity and love.

Do it for yourself. Ibogaine treatment can help. Go to your nearest legit ibogaine treatment center. Seek help. Attain holistic wellness now.

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