Kambo, what is it and why do I care?

Kambo is your new best friend.

It’s what’s going to help make sure you don’t puke for hours during Ibogaine.

You see, Ibogaine can be a difficult alkaloid for your body to handle. It’s pretty astringent and can make you feel nauseous. That is, if you don’t do Kambo first.

No matter who you are, just walking around in the modern world doing what we do and eating what we eat causes us to get toxified. Also, If you have ever taken any hard drugs or used alcohol or cigarettes, the toxins are massively amplified. When Ibogaine runs up against these toxins it wants them out. It wants them to leave your body. An easy way for Ibo to get the toxins out is to make you very nauseous so you throw up.

You could even go so far to say that toxins and Ibogaine don’t like each other.

This is why we give you Kambo first. It goes in and does a very strong pre-cleanse of your body. It’s quick, impactful and effective. It’s hard work, but the difficult part only lasts about a half hour.

So what is it?

It’s the secretion of the tree frog Phyllamedusa Bicolor that lives in the amazon rainforest. Once the secretion is applied to your skin you will begin your purge almost immediately.

It’s considered totally safe and is used widely in the Amazon basin. In fact, it’s some tribes’s only medicine. There is a major difference in the people who don’t use it and the people that do. Those who don’t get a lot sicker and have a darker ibogaine experience over all.

Kambo is amazing. It helps the body cleanse so efficiently. You’ll love this medicine!


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  • Rick says:
    December 28, 2014 at 7:44 pm

    I posted for a reply to your center. I have an iron stomach. However, I forgot to tell you that I take Acetiminophen on a regular basis. Do you do bloodwork there for liver functionality as I have read that it is an organ that needs to be in tip-top shape and I want to ensure mine is.


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