Life at an ibogaine clinic.

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What’s my iboga retreat going to be like? Will I get bored? Mexico?

The journey is easy and safe.

So you can probably imagine what it’s like to get from your home to San Diego. You may arrive by car, bus, train or plane, you know which way would be best for you. But once you get there what happens?

Can you imagine what it will be like once you arrive in the ibogaine clinic for your detox experience? No?

Good. Keep reading then. This article’s for you.

We’ll pick you up in the afternoon. For most of you this will happen at the airport. If you didn’t fly, we’ll arrange to pick you up somewhere easy for you. From the airport, it’s about an hour drive south.

On the way to the iboga and ibogaine clinic you’ll cross the USA /Mexico border, which is super simple. You basically just drive right across. You don’t even have to show any ID, a very easy experience.

We get started right away.

When we arrive we’ll do a basic intake, which helps us know your goals, your basic health, any concerns you might have and create an addiction program for you. We’ll also talk more in depth about how the week will go, address questions, do an EKG and any other medical tests that need to happen. If we have time after intake, we’ll do something fun like go for a hike or watch the sun set.

This same evening we’ll get started with the first treatment of Kambo. You’ll do this before bed. It helps you sleep well, rid your body of any toxins or drug residue, helps with heroin withdrawals and prepares you for Ibogaine.

The next morning you’ll wake up and begin ibogaine therapy around 10am. This will last through all of Sunday until Monday. On Monday you’ll start to feel more like yourself again, but Monday will be a rest day. You’ll be pretty tired and worn out from the day before. It won’t be until Tuesday that you’ll be feeling up to doing much.

After ibogaine therapy, your main job is to rejuvenate.

The few days after ibogaine are spent having fun.

We love to swim in the ocean, spend as much time outdoors as possible and get into some fun stuff. You’ll eat the best fish tacos we’ve ever had at a little cart in Ensenada, as well as many other options of things to do in the area. At the ibogaine clinic there’s a pool, hot tub and the ocean is right there, so you’ll have plenty to do!

A lot of memories, feelings, emotions, desires, regrets and ideas can get stirred up with ibogaine. Our ibogaine team has been through this themselves and go through it regularly with guests. One of our  strengths is to give support around anything that’s coming up. We believe in authentic communication and releasing old wounds and are trained in helping you with this.

Here’s someone else’s ideas on how you can rejuvinate anytime. Use these at home, at the ibogaine clinic during your retreat, or anywhere:

30 Ways to Rejuvinate your Day in 5 Minutes or Less

Take a second now to notice your breath. Two things will likely happen. You will observe how shallow your breath is and you will almost immediately begin to breathe more deeply. Actually, you’ll notice a third thing – you’ll wonder why you don’t breathe deeply more often. The physical and emotional benefits of deep breathing have been well documented. So stop what you are doing and breathe.

We’ve become so used to the constant noise around us that we are often unaware of how much it grates on us and increases our stress levels. We yearn for silence. Yet we still find it hard to be comfortable with it. Don’t run from silence. Learn how to harness its power.

Call a parent, spouse, or a friend
How many of us go for days or weeks before calling a parent or loved one because we couldn’t carve out 30 minutes to an hour? A quick call is far better than nothing. Not only is it good for your relationships, it can also give you a quick energy boost.

Take a walk
Feeling stuck on something that requires creative thinking? Get up from behind your desk and go for a 5 minute walk.

Watch a TED talk
Looking for a mental pick-me-up? Watch a TED Talk. These educational, entertaining, and inspirational presentations will connect you with your childlike sense of wonder. All these talks are less than five minutes.

Do a kind deed for a random stranger
See someone looking lost or distressed? Take a minute to see if they are ok. Picking up a big mac in the drive-thru? Pay for the person behind you. Learn to become more attentive to the needs of those around you and begin to act in small ways.

The stress and tension we experience in our day to day lives often show up in or bodies in the form of tense muscles. Melt away the stress using these exercises.

Recite positive affirmations
You are what you think. We often take our thoughts for granted, not realizing how much they can affect our mood and well-being. Begin to exert influence on your thoughts by speaking speaking these affirmations aloud.

Check out the rest of the list…

More medicine options.

The following days will provide additional opportunities to go deeper with other plants we have available. This part is totally optional, yet recommended. Going more deeply into yourself tends to provide even greater healing.

On the day it’s time for you to return home, you’ll leave the ibogaine clinic mid morning. You’ll leave the ibogaine clinic and head back across the border and travel home. The government says to bring your passport to get back into the US, so bring that. But, if you don’t have one it’s okay. You’ll just need to bring your state ID, expired passport, birth certificate or other kind of official document like a social security card.

Be assured that coming to Baja is totally safe. We’ve lived here full time now for a few years and wouldn’t if it wasn’t okay to be here.


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