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Read this to find out why you should take ibogaine instead of iboga.

As you probably already know, Iboga is different than Ibogaine.

Some iboga treatment center offers iboga instead of ibogaine. So, what’s the difference between the two substance?

Iboga is the plant where the Ibogaine comes from. These days there’s a huge emphasis on Ibogaine, but not Iboga.

Why is that?

Ibogaine has been isolated as the active alkaloid within Iboga that has the addiction cessation properties. This is the one that does the magic with stopping the substance withdrawals. Because of that people typically want to just go straight for the Ibogaine.

Iboga does have some addiction cessation properties being that it contains Ibogaine, but it’s different. The experience can be darker and much harder on the body. You have to take a lot of Iboga to get a full dose to stop withdrawals and end cravings. The amount you have to take is literally handfuls.

I’ve taken the handfuls of iboga and it was so hard to get down.

Not only that, but I threw a huge amount of it up. It was a very quick onset of puking too. I wasn’t nauseous at all and then all the sudden I was retching my guts out. I’ve only puked like that one other time and that was when I had a deep deep purge with Ayahuasca, but that’s another story.

So I guess what I’m saying is that you don’t want to take Iboga for a full dose to get off of substances. You will find some clinics that offer this, just know what you’re getting into first. There isn’t an iboga treatment center I can recommend, but there are probably some good rehab clinics with iboga out there. Like I said, know what you’re getting yourself into before you sign up. It can be a rough ride.

If you’re looking for a strictly spiritual experience, Iboga might be for you. Especially if you can head to Gabon and do an iboga ceremony with the Bwiti. This isn’t typically in peoples plans do to budget, time, etc. But, if you can go I say do it for sure!

If  iboga isn’t in your plans and you’re looking for a safe addiction therapy program, look around for treatment. We’re a center that can help you and there are others I can recommend too.


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