Maps to the Sunrise Center, near Rosarito Beach

Do you want to get rid of your drug addiction and substance abuse naturally? We at The Sunrise Center are more than honored to help you recover from the life threatening scenarios you find yourself in with addiction. Our mission and life purpose is to help you now, when you need it most.

We focus on ibogaine treatment for our clients and long term recovery from addictions. We also work to alleviate nutritional and emotional imbalances.

Our ibogaine treatment facility is located at Northern Baja California in a well known area. It’s easy to find your way around down here, but incase you’re curious check out the maps to the clinic below.

You can read more regarding our location on the travel arrangements page. This will help you start to piece together your trip. There is much more detailed information there. If you want, we’re happy to advise the best way to construct your travel. Just let us know.

You’ll want to come prepared for somewhere that can get warm during the day and cool at night. Check out the packing list for some suggestions on what to bring to keep you comfortable during your Ibogaine treatment program – it helps to look at a list.  We’ve tried to include the most relevant, essential items to you.  Remember, this is not a complete list, so make sure to fill in according to your personal needs.

1. Fly to San Diego (airport code SAN).

Fly from your location to San Diego, California.


2. We’ll pick you up there and get started with your ibogaine treatment.

We’re really excited you’re considering spending your ibogaine treatment program with us. It’s always fun for us to meet new guests and spend the week together in our therapy center. Often we feel as though someone leaves a friend, even though it’s not a super long time we’ll be spending together.

Meeting you and going through this beautiful experience together tends to create a bond and a friendship that is different. It’s real and as we’ve experienced with some of our guests, it’s lasting. It seems like a past guest get’s in touch almost every day to tell us how they’re doing and we love it!

It’s so great to stay a part of someone’s healing journey and hear how they are doing on their new path of holistic recovery and wellness.

If you have more inquiries and questions about our ibogaine treatment recovery program and our rehab facility location, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’re ready to answer all inquires, so get in touch. We’ll share all the details with you the best we can.

More than just Ibogaine Treatment

Our location is central to some of the most beautiful features on the west coast. While you’re with us we’re going to show you around a little bit. Baja California and Mexico is safe. I know you’ve probably heard differently, so try to trust this. After you go through most effective heroin detox that there is, you’ll have the opportunity to travel around a bit with a few day trips.

This really is one of the most incredible locations in the world. It has so much to offer and is so close to the USA. Since you’re going to be down here anyway, we like to take the opportunity to have a little fun too.

We’ve actually found that this enhances the effects of iboga by showing you that you can have fun without being loaded. It’s a dream in Baja. Fresh ocean air, smiling people, delicious food and really awesome natural beauty. Waterfalls, fishing and hikes are all in your future. So is horse back riding and some of the best surfing worldwide. You can see some of our photos in the Gallery.

Join us, we’re ready for you and can’t wait to see you on the other side of your ibogaine treatment!


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3 Comments on Maps to Sunrise

  • Lori Stewart says:
    June 19, 2015 at 5:59 pm

    I have long hoped for something similar to Ibogaine treatment, since 1971/72 with LSD. I retired as a pilot in 1995 and have recently moved to Puerto Vallarta. I would love to hear from you re: treatment. I believe LSD led me to a life of spirituallity within myself as one with my environment. I always thought I could stop morphine ER on my own but it doesn’t appear so. phone 562-458-1513


  • Joetta Warnick says:
    January 28, 2014 at 12:56 pm

    I want to come i need pricing please?


  • David Hawkins says:
    January 15, 2014 at 3:21 pm

    I’ve been to this area a few times. I love riding the beat up horses on the beach and the best food in the world. There is nothing like BAJA. I’d move here if my wife says okay. I will ask her after treatment.


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