Our location in Northern Baja California, Mexico

Looking for the best and most relaxed ibogaine Mexico clinic? Well, our ocean side location is the perfect backdrop for your experience with Ibogaine in Mexico.

Ibogaine Mexico is where the desert and fresh ocean air meet. There is such a liveliness to this place.

The spirit of this Ibogaine treatment clinic in Mexico is authentic and peaceful.  It’s simple, humble and tapped in. The people in this region are incredibly friendly and you’ll see many smiles. The landscape is diverse and stunningly beautiful. We chose to be in this area so our guests could have the best and most effective iboga therapy healing experience while participating in our rehab program.

The ibogaine Mexico retreat center is located in an impressive river valley in a house decked out with authentic Mexican furnishings. In general we find Mexico and Northern Baja to be absolutely safe, hospitable, warm and inviting. You will always have your own private room during your stay in our Ibogaine Mexico treatment clinic.

The Sunrise Center is a short plane ride away from anywhere in the US and Central America. This makes us easily accessible and keeps flights affordable. We’ve had guests from all over the world, so if you live elsewhere let us know and we can advise you on the best way to travel to us.

You’ll fly into San Diego, where we’ll pick you up. We’ll also drop you back at the airport on your way home.

Our Ibogaine Mexico treatment center is one of simple luxury. There’s room to spread out so you can do your own thing. Yet, we welcome guests to co-mingle and have communal meals.

Here’s a basic map to our location, from the airport in San Diego:

If you have any questions about where our center for ibogaine Mexico is located, you can email or call us.

Essentially, you’ll fly to San Diego, get picked up a the airport and then drive about an hour or hour and a half (depending on traffic) down to the treatment center. After your retreat, you’ll have an easy trip across the border back to the USA, get dropped off at the airport, then head back home.

We assure you great benefits, wellness and recovery when you visit our ibogaine Mexico clinic and participate in one of our addiction therapy retreats.

Why Ibogaine in Mexico?

Something that not all clinics focus on is how amazing Mexico is. There’s bad press in the media about the country, to which I say, shut off your TV! There’s nothing but garbage on that thing and is an addiction all on it’s own. But that’s another topic.

What makes Mexico so amazing?

After your Iboga detox it’s very important to have the optimum therapeutic environment. This is something that is naturally occurring in Baja specifically. When you add the ocean air, the consistent sun, the perfect temperature and the beautifully loving people with a comfortable and compassionate setting of The Sunrise Center, you achieve the dream setting. The environment is one of awakening and offers you a chance to recharge, reconnect and go deep.

This crossroads of ending substance abuse of all forms from heroin, alcohol, cocaine, an opiate like methadone, whichever – is a critical time in your life. This holistic medicine can give you what you’re looking for and doing everything possible to ensure your cure from drug abuse is essential. Being in a wonderful place during the aftercare time ensures that your dependency can be gone for good.

Choose Ibogaine – Mexico!

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Nutrition is at the Core of Deep Restoration. You’ll be treated to Beautiful Meals (and plenty of snacks) when you work with us.

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There’s all kind of Fun stuff to do in Baja California. Brings your Shades, shorts, and Hiking boots.


That’s what your really want, right? You’ll get that here. Ibogaine is incredibly effective, and can really help…


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