When preparing for your Ibogaine treatment, it’s ideal to take the best care of yourself possible.

The more effort you’re able to put into this, the easier your detox process with Ibogaine will go. Implement these suggestions as soon as possible, you’re guaranteed to experience effective results and massive benefits from ibogaine and iboga therapy. The more effort you put in the more you will get out and the sooner you will be free of drug addiction and substance abuse.

And remember, be kind to yourself. These are all suggestions and would be beneficial if you can implement right away. We understand though that addictions don’t leave a lot of room for other things and they are not on your side. So do what you can and don’t beat yourself up about the things that you don’t.

Most importantly hydrate yourself

This is key the last few days before doing any Ibogaine treatment program. It’s easy to become dehydrated during the ibogaine rehab therapy, as you won’t be able to drink water for 4-8 hours. In addition to regular water, we highly recommend drinking coconut water in the days prior. It’s packed full of naturally occurring electrolytes, without the sugar content of sports drinks.

Also, get plenty of rest

People often experience mild insomnia for a few days after their Ibogaine treatment in our clinic, so the more rest you can get on the front end, the better. This will greatly enhance your strength through the detox process.

Eat well. Avoid sugary, salty and greasy foods. Focus on whole grains, lean meats like chicken, fresh veggies and fruit. We also suggest and highly advise you to begin taking a raw multi-vitamin. This will help your body get into balance and be ready for ibogaine treatment. Not only that, this will as well helps boost the positive effects of the therapy.

Move your body

The move activity your body has had, the better.

If you’re on any medications let us know, you may need to discontinue the use of one or some of them for a short time.

Don’t worry, we will be there for you throughout the ibogaine treatment program, and we assure you that our facility offers you the best chance of recovery and optimum wellness you can experience.

Re-integration and Aftercare

Another way to prepare for ibogaine is by thinking about and looking into aftercare options.

You must make a plan for when you leave your retreat. To ensure long term success and to stop your history of addiction you have to take landing home seriously. It’s not something to leave up to chance. If possible, we recommend not going home right away. If you have to go home, be deliberate about that process. You can learn more about our suggestions for how to do this on our re-integration page.

Also, there are centers that specialize in specifically helping you after your iboga treatment. These clinics don’t offer ibogaine themselves, but do offer other psychoactive plant based medicines like ayahuasca as well as alternative therapeutic modalities. Places like these are a great addition to working with the root and give you more time to plan how you will arrive home successfully. We are very in favor of utilizing multiple plants in your recovery process.

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  • Bunny Bartron

    You treat people like family, huh?! What about the man from Indiana that died 2 years ago, because of your treatment? He died of a heart attack. Your treatment is NOT safe!!

  • Tammy Cochran

    How does your treatment work? Do you drive from Cali to your facility? How long is the stay? Can I have access to talk to family during this time of going through treatment?

  • Kurt lambert

    Hi I have been researching and feel ibogaine treatment I the right thing for me to do to combat my 25yr addiction with cocaine and opiates. I have researched many facilities and am hoping to find the right one. I believe this medicine given in the proper context can enhance the plan and goals I have set out to reach full recovery. Can u please send me more info on your protocol, facility and the staff. I am prepare to do this trip in June and need to plan a budget to make the most of this experience. Thank you for your time. I hope u can help.
    Kurt lambert
    587 834 2500

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