Re-integration after ibogaine treatment

Ideas to help you have a successful return home after the Ibogaine therapy.

When you enroll yourself into a ibogaine treatment program with us, ideally you will stay in our clinic for 6 days. We have several plants that help you do the work of recovery and also fun activities for the later part of your retreat. These will help you gain perspective on your life and help you go back home once you completed the ibogaine rehab and detoxification process with us.

This retreat is an opportunity to let go of anything that’s not benefiting you anymore. It’s time to seek a new and refined life. It’s time to be cured with ibogaine therapy and live a holistic and beautiful life ahead.

After Ibogaine rehab, you’ll have profound addiction interruption – so much clarity, knowledge, perspective and a perceivable “re-calibration” of your entire being. Ibogaine, the other alternative therapies and the food detox nutrition plan available sets you back to a pre-addiction state. To a place where your mind is sharp, body is toned and your spirit is thriving.  You’ll notice being interested in new things, you’ll have new ideas and want to explore life.  Yet, it’s also very important to set up a structure for recovery, wellness, and success in your daily life.

Re-integration is the concept of taking what you learned during your iboga or ibogaine rehab therapy and applying it to life.

We hear a lot from people that their social life has been compromised because of drug addiction, substance abuse, or trauma. After the ibogaine treatment program you’ll have so much new insight and lessons will continue to come from Tabernanthe iboga rehab for quite some time.  Having a means to integrate these are important.  Below are some ideas of practices and activities that seem to help re-integrate back to your world in a healthful way and keep the addictions to heroin, other opiates or whatever you were on, out of your life for good.

Do as many of these as possible when you return home:

  • Spend time with people who support you
  • Exercise
  • Do meditation, yoga, qui gong or tai chi
  • Read, create art, journal
  • Join a community center
  • Make music and enroll in a fun class
  • Change jobs and possibly even change towns
  • Honor your needs and set boundaries
  • Laugh a lot
  • Express yourself
  • Be compassionate with yourself
  • Seek out a counselor and look to the spiritual side of life

Some people receive so much change and insight from their first ibogaine treatment clinic visit. If you want to experience the ibogaine therapy and its positive effects, just fill out the registration form here. This African shrub is remarkable and ends addictions.

If you need help after your ibogaine treatment program, contact us. We are always available to take your emails or calls.

Let’s talk a little more about some of the above ideas

This advise is based on what I’ve seen work over the years. These are not random ideas. They are effective.

Typically after someone takes Ibogaine they don’t sleep 8 hours a night for a while. It may take a few weeks before you get back to that place. This is normal and you will feel rested, but since you’re probably used to sleeping 8 hours, it can be something that you have to get used to.

I encourage you to use this extra time for rejuvenation activities. Like yoga, meditation, going to the gym, etc.

Remember, you’ll have been through a big experience after ibogaine. You’ll be a new person and life is different now. It will take some time to figure out how to live as this new person that you are. We’ve found that re-integrating home by creating positive hobbies and habits is essential for your long term success, so make some effort here. This is part of the long term healing process too.

Go to this website and look at the activities in your area and see if there’s something that sounds fun. It’s a great way to meet new people and have fun as well.


Vinyasa Flow, Hot yoga or Power yoga are all challenging and build strength, stamina and give you contact with a community of people who are dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. A good place to start is CorePower Yoga. They are suitable for the beginner as well as someone who’s practiced yoga for a long time and is very strong.

Something I like about them is that their teachers are very well trained and they have locations in most major cities in the USA. This means that you can visit any of the locations with your membership. I love this because you don’t have to disrupt your routine while you’re on a vacation or business trip. You can keep the habit going!

Cooking classes

Any kind. Sometimes stores like Sur la Table have classes you can sign up for. Learning to cook for yourself and putting a lot of attention to your nutrition will help you stay balanced and nourished.


Any kind, but especially mindfulness focused.

Family meals

Whether family is blood or it’s friends, pending time eating and being together to strengthen your bond. Giving them the gift of home cooked meals is a way to reconnect and share your love. You could all make the meal together even.

Learn to play an instrument

Music is proven to be a great form of rejuvenation and personal expression.


Any kind. Important thing is that you relate to the method. It can be helpful to have someone to talk to for continued healing and exploration of your emotions.

Join a gym that has a sauna and hot tub

Not only can you work out, but sweating in a sauna is very cleansing for the body. Hot tubs and saunas are also very relaxing and can be a good way to dispel energy that gets bound up.

No drugs, no alcohol for minimum a month

Obviously no drugs, but not even one beer. This can in an instant dull the effects of Ibogaine. It’s immediate and irreversible. You wouldn’t go into withdrawal, or anything like that, but the “glow” of the Ibogaine alkaloid would be gone.

Make art

I suggest to take some sort or creative class like drawing or something hardcore like metal-smiting. Again, a form of personal expression, a way to connect with others and a way to fill your time with life giving activities.

Participate in ceremony

I highly encourage you to seek out more plant medicine ceremonies, specifically ayahuasca. There are a lot of people offering these now, look for some happening in your local area.

Go to a formalized ibogaine aftercare program

Some of our favorites aftercare ideas are a NOLS programs and an extended stay at These are fantastic options if you’re able to spend additional time away from your life. Either of these programs are life changing on their own and are incredibly powerful when you’ve participated in an Ibogaine retreat first.

A key thing over the next few weeks is for you to not be alone too much. You’re clean, but habits are habits and it will take time to re-wire these. That’s what the above list is about. By engaging in new activities, you will create new habits and new behaviors for dealing with stress and difficult emotions.

Reach out to people and keep yourself busy. Say “yes” a lot to invitations to do things and classes to take. You want to spend this time really setting up a new life for yourself. Make the most of it! So stay busy, keep active.

The centers that offer ibogaine addiction therapy are here for you. A provider can only be a provider out of passion and love. Lean on them if you need to. Contact the clinics and ask for advice. Many of the people who own or work at a clinic have been through their own opiate addiction, or addiction of some kind. Ibogaine treatment changed their life too. Ask them what has worked for them. There’s a lot of good resources there if you just reach out.

**Topics discussed on this website are not medical advice and have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. This website and its statements, products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.**

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