We follow the correct protocols for Ibogaine

We take care of you during your Ibogaine treatment program and after.


Our main job is to ensure you a safe, effective, and comfortable clinic setting for Ibogaine to be administered. We consider it our responsibility to give you a supportive environment, high level of safety, confidentiality and love you deserve while going through this detoxification program.

Your ibogaine therapy experience with us starts before you arrive at The Sunrise Center. It begins when you first get to our ibogaine website. We understand this and try to give you the most relevant and necessary information about the ibogaine treatment program for your personal education. We want you to learn about ibogaine and try to help guide you with information to be able to make the decision if this is the right detox therapy for you.  Also, it’s our goal to help you understand contra-indications and how to prepare for an ibogaine treatment.

Ensure highest possibility for your recover and wellness success

When you arrive at out ibogaine center you’ll experience a comforting environment for you and the Ibogaine to get to work. The rehab therapy processes we use greatly enhances your long term success staying off of your drug of choice. At our retreats you will use a substance called Kambo which effects are powerful on their own to cleanse the system. It’s hails from the the Amazon Basin and has a history of being the only medicine some tribes there use – amazing. This happens before Ibogaine helps to stop addictions even more than using Ibogaine alone. In addition, we’ve found that doing Kambo first makes people strong and ready to receive the Ibogaine safely.

We also offer other alternative psychoactive substances after Ibogaine, which allow for a even deeper awakening to your true self.


Before leaving, we’ll talk about the best ways for you to integrate back into your world. Our work extends into the future in helping you prepare for a positive experience at home. This is something that determines your long term success and recovery more than anything else.

If you’d like to start learning about that right now, you can visit our re-integration page or our blog. We’ve written a lot of articles on the importance of integrating back home smoothly and give ideas regarding what this means and how to do it. This is very essential if you want to have a holistic wellness that lasts when you decide to restart your life with ibogaine.

Continuing Education

We are an ibogaine facility with staff who are continually educating ourselves on the best practices and research in the field of Ibogaine and Iboga treatment.  As facilitators,  we draw on our personal experience, study of plant and alternative medicines, addiction interruption, vision quests and healing methodologies when we sit with you during your journey.  Also, we’ve learned a lot from yoga, meditation, open hearted communication, sociology, the importance of confidentiality in a medical environment, nutrition, mediation, trust and connecting to source.

We can’t do the work for you, but will use our skills to help you move through the steps along your recovery with ibogaine treatment. In doing so we empower you to be the fullest version of yourself that you can be. There’s no preconceived idea of what that is and certainly isn’t any trying to fold you into some version of you that we think is the best. At The Sunrise Center it’s all about finding yourself for yourself, so that you can live the life that you want.

Family Participation

Based off of years of hosting ibogaine treatments, we’ve found that building and alliance between the person taking ibogaine, loved ones and ourselves enhances long term success. Naturally, your family cares for you and wants to see you healthy, happy and full of life. Because of this we do everything we can to include them in the process of your addiction treatment and iboga therapy because they are important resources for you when you arrive back home.

They are the ones that you can lean on if you need help implementing the re-integration steps and are the ones that you can call if you’re having a bad day. So help us help you by getting them involved. Have them give us a call so we can share with them how ibogaine works and get them invested in this form of treatment.

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