Our Staff

The team has been hand picked for their compassion, empathy, friendly nature and skill.

We all work in conjunction with one another to conduct healing sessions with different plant medicines. We do our best to be humble and are committed to giving you the most and best we have to offer, every day of your stay with us.

This is who you’ll be interacting with daily at The Sunrise Center, your friends during the ibogaine experience.

Mark photoMark

Mark has always been fascinated with the healing process. He has been studying various forms of emotional healing for the last 20 years, including taking many trainings like the Mankind Project, Wholistic Peer Support, Co-Counseling, Authentic Man Program, and Mediation training. When he first experienced plant medicines, it all came together. He realized this was the missing link that could tie these other traditions together and create a true healing experience.

He has long been interested in raw food/deep nutrition. He also spent many years teaching natural building workshops, including cob, strawbale, natural plasters, floors and permaculture. He loves latino culture and is slowly working to become fluent in Spanish.

Haley photo


Haley is a warrior for love. She grew up in Oregon and has nurtured her Native American heritage her whole life. She loves connection to animals, other open-hearted seekers, and nature. She’s an informally trained nutritionist, and a certified Yoga teacher practicing various different traditions. Since her first experience with the medicine, she knew this was a path she wanted to walk.

Haley is deeply compassionate and strives to make herself available for your integration process. She will be happy to speak with you any time via email and phone for support before or after your journey. Haley and Mark have been married for years and are very much in love.

 Isaac photoIsaac

I’ve been working with Ibogaine for the last 6 years and I’ve been continually surprised by this plant. It can change people so much. Ibogaine really can give you the opportunity to have a new life. I’ve seen this time and time again and it’s why I am part of The Sunrise Center team.

I am a fully licensed ER Nurse, but I prefer to work with Ibogaine guests, because of how much I get to participate in people changing their lives for good. Helping people is my passion, but more than that, I love to see people leave our center not addicted, not depressed and then go on to have an amazing and successful life.

Augustin photoAgustin

Hello! I’m Agustin. I’m 39 years old and am a primary care physician, with 14 years of experience in the medical field. My job is to make sure you’re safe and comfortable during your transition to your new life.

Ibogaine is fascinating for me and I love to see how it works and helps people break free from the chains of addiction, depression, PTSD and other psychological disorders and supposedly untreatable diseases. Yes, it is possible to change. Yes, you can have a better and more prosperous life.

Bannia photoBannia

Hi I’m Bannia!  I’ve been a nurse for 10 years and I love to be a part of people’s healing process.  It’s so exciting to work with this medicine because it has such healing potential.  There’s nothing like watching someone transform over the course of a few days and go back to their family a fresh new version of themselves.

I love living on the sunny Baja coast.  I enjoy spending time at the beach, and with my family.  Helping people is my passion.  I’m excited to meet you.

Sandra photoSandra

Being able to help people lead their lives on a new path of good, it is one of the greatest satisfactions that I have in my life. As a nurse and a person, I like to help people who really feel the desire to be a different person, to lead a new life and who have goals and dreams.

I am proud to work at The Sunrise Center because this process opens doors for people who really want a positive, radical change in their life.  Come prepared to experience yourself on a deep and spiritual level. From the beginning of Ibogaine treatment you will start to notice the change and it will last a lifetime.

Jessica photoJessica

I’m a nurse and I love to use my skills working with people at this center. It’s amazing to see people who are physically addicted to all kinds of drugs leave with hope for the future.

Ibogaine is a fabulous detoxification process, but it’s also so much more than that. I love being part of this. Come visit us and be in the hands of professionals and experts.

SylviaSylvia photo

Hi, I’m Silvia. Through my time on this team, I’ve received a renewed sense that I can believe in humanity and have hope. Those who need a second chance in their lives and are trying to change should take ibogaine.

I’ve seen that this retreat can help heal the person that comes, but also the whole family that they return to. People’s life can be whole again. You can be free to return to you friends and family without drugs. I’m here to help.

Thanks for reading, hopefully you have a better sense of who we are and what the folks at the Sunrise Center have to offer. Please also familiarize yourself with what to expect. This will help identify any questions you have about how your ibogaine treatment will go. At any point, please feel free to contact us, we’d be happy to talk with you.

Want to learn more? Email Haley@IbogaineMexico.com

You can also call us at 503-345-5885


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4 Comments on Our staff

  • Jeff Jackson says:
    June 13, 2017 at 12:51 am

    I’m a chronic pain patient, I used to be so desperate that I was actually looking forward to “deep brain stimulation” surgery some years back. The surgery was postponed indef because of problems with the PT before me. Then I was put on Total & permanent disability at age 38, and finally they started me on slow–see oral morphine. I’ve been “stable” for some 20+ years at the same dose ,(I’ve managed staying at the same doseage by myself), but i had to move to a different state 6 yrs ago, and now, with the current politics,the doctors I have access to have seen it their duty to “get me off opiods” without any regard for the conditions & inflammatory disease that causes my intractible pain. Believe me, I tried everything before I made the move to meds. But now I just want to get off meds and be done with it, I’m tired of the drama. I’ll find another way to manage my pain! I’d love to come to your clinic and meet and be treated by you folks!


    March 15, 2017 at 6:35 am



  • tracy carpenter says:
    December 21, 2013 at 11:24 pm

    I saw a program about Ibogaine on TV two weeks ago, I have researched it every day since. I am 46 & live in East Tn. I’ve been to two treatment centers,the last on e was in 2008 …I left with a prescription for Suboxone . In 1980 I had surgery on my back due to Scoliosis,I had the most severe type. I was in a body cast for 9 months, I was young and very active in sports but that all changed. the medical field has made leaps n bounds with that surgery,and with the herrington rods they use to correct our spine.

    IN 1997 I was injured at my job that i worked for 20 yrs. That was the beginning of my opiate addiction./my doctor put me out of work for 6 weeks,physical therapy and some percocet .It was slow progression. In 2007…. that was the worse year of my life ,I had lost my job and for me that was my life. I was 40, married to a man that had the same problems as I have plus when I was 26 yr old I found out that I have an autoimmune disorder which comes with a host of different medical problems mine,(thyroid and I couldn’t get pregnant),which didn’t bother me at the time.

    Iv’e had 6 yrs to reflect on the paths that I’ve chosen. I’m alone drawing a disability check,I barely make it each month. I’ve been seperated for 4 yrs. my husband was in a bad wreck(drunk and pilled up) but he wasn’t driving… actually he needs this treatment !!!

    I wish I could be a part of this ibogaine treatment. I want to rediscover who I am ,I am very spiritual but not much into organised religion and suppression of knowledge and their man made rules to live by. Anyway just send positive intentions my way. In need to call cause I can’t afford it :( and I whis this center the Best~ By the way I wanted to learn about building a cob house. Thats so cool I got a picture of one on my vision board,yes I sure do :) God Bless Tracydawn


    • Haley says:
      February 16, 2014 at 3:41 pm

      Our thoughts are with you Tracydawn.

      Be well,



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